Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day Wishes to each of you...

Team USA pieced and quilted by Diane D. Knott

It always feels odd to me that we say HAPPY Memorial Day, when we are really honoring the brave Americans who sacrificed their lives for country and freedom. How can that really be HAPPY? I do think it's incredibly important that we remember, and that remembrance causes us to have more appreciation for this wonderful life of freedom we enjoy. I'm sure those who gave the ultimate sacrifice would want us to be happy, but see what I mean?

Patriotic Pinwheels pieced and quilted by Diane D. Knott

So I'm sharing two patriotic quilts I've made in the past. The first one was featured in the Spring 2015 issue of Easy Quilts magazine. The second quilt is one I made for my sister, using my dad's shirts. My dad was a proud Navy veteran who served on the USS Iowa. I have not created a pattern for it, as it was a gift.

For those who served, and those who still serve in the military, thank you so very much. And we remember especially those who served and sacrificed. Our hearts remember this Memorial Day weekend.



  1. We do celebrate these days. Thanks to them, we are free.....

  2. Wonderful quilts that help us remember the sacrifices of others.

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