Thursday, June 23, 2016


So far this summer we've managed to stay really busy! Too busy, but it's all good so no time to complain...

The first harvests from the garden have been tomatoes, beans and peppers. The squash and cucumbers and other varieties of tomatoes and peppers are looking very promising. I hope to have lots more harvest photos soon!

The boys got their senior photos taken and Kelly finally got hers taken too, even though she's technically a college freshman now. We had a great time and I even got a few photos with the kids' sweet friend Sarah included.

The sunsets have been stunning. I love that the view from my sewing machine faces the backyard to the west. Now if I had more time to sew, I could enjoy more of these sunsets. I am happy to take a few minutes at night just to witness the gorgeous sky.

The sewing I have done has been the prep and production of the steps for the Mystery Quilt that begins soon. I noticed while I was cutting fabrics for the mystery this sweet girl was on my right...

And this crazy boy was on my left. I guess he's not too curious about the mystery after all. He's probably dreaming of his next meal. 

Kelly went to Berry College for her freshman orientation and stayed in the dorm with her new room mate. They had a wonderful time and even decided on the color schemes for the room and their new quilts. I better get busy!

The boys have been busy taking campus tours in hopes of finding their future school. So far they've visited UGA, Clemson and Auburn and have liked them all! Next week we will tour Georgia Tech. These guys are going to love college, it's just a matter of deciding which one at this point. They may or may not choose the same one, that's another decision that has yet to be made. I have complete confidence that they will make the right choice. I just can't believe they are seniors!!!

I'm going to visit the Gwinnett Quilt Guild next week and share a program and workshop. Then one more workshop the next week at A Scarlet Thread (there may be a space or two left in the class, call the shop if you want to sign up!) and then I'm on summer break! Woo hoo!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and staying busy with the people and things that make you happy!



  1. I wish you lovely holidays Diane !!!

  2. very busy - and all fun stuff. your veggies look yummy

  3. How exciting about the college for your daughter and starting the selection process for the boys. My daughter is leaving soon for her freshman year too! What colors did the girls pick for their room?

  4. Some of life's exciting moments, both for your kids and for you too.


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