Monday, July 18, 2016

A little summer fun...

We've been way too busy this summer! I want to schedule some time to relax, but that's not looking like it's going to happen. What's been happening around here so far?

The tomatoes have been growing like crazy, the beans were good too but they didn't last long, and the squash and cucumbers are growing but aren't ready yet.

The kids spent a very hot day at a concert, or lots of concerts actually. It was called WarpTour and they seemed to think it was worth melting.

And our sweet friends from Australia came to visit us! I wish they could have stayed longer, but we squeezed in as much fun as we possibly could while they were here.

And we've been visiting college campuses for the boys. The latest was Georgia Tech. It's an impressive school with a pretty campus. And it's close to home!

And we visited Mimi while dropping the boys off at camp. They are at UNC Asheville for the Nike Smoky Mountain Running Camp. Danny is on his second week and David is just spending one week.

We've also had quite a few friends over from time to time for swimming and fun, and it always involves food! Why do kids get so hungry when you dunk them in water? It's always fun having a house full of laughing, joking, happy kids around.

We've been so busy, even the dogs are worn out!

And Boomer just moves from one air conditioning vent to the next in an attempt to cool off. Notice his toys are ready in case someone volunteers to play!

I hope you are having a fun summer, staying cool, and finding more time to relax than we are!



  1. Kids always make the summer fun! It looks like they are having a good time!

    1. They are having fun, and I'm having fun just having them all here! I'm not having fun trying to figure out why your comments don't show up in my email. Hmm. I wish I knew how to fix it!

    2. kelly's don't come to mine either - its a mystery!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun things going on!

  3. lol! Smart boy that there boomer! Your teen adventures always bring great memories back! How is it that I'm a grandma already??? Time sure flies! Also noticed I've been so busy I missed your QAL!! I'm sooo sorry! (And I'm set to go off again...this time just hubby and I) Oh well...smiles being sent! Keep cool! V

  4. It seems you are having a wonderful though very busy summer! Your children look so sweet, I hope they enjoy there summer holidays.

    1. Thanks so much Christine, I think they are pretty sweet too. They do love to have a good time! I'm not getting your comments in my inbox anymore and I don't know how to fix that! Replying here is my only option. I just didn't want you to think I've been unresponsive! I hope your summer is fun too.

  5. What a busy and fun holidays Diane ! This is a great post and i love to see all these photos ! We are on holidays too and have fun time too....
    Enjoy these days with all your family !

  6. It's wintery and raining here so it's lovely to see your sunny post of holiday fun. Enjoy your days!

  7. looks like a fun busy bustling summer. Oh Boomer - I'd play with you - especially since coco doesn't like toys very much.


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