Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Quilt Room

This photo isn't recent because I'm too embarrassed by the current state of chaos to take a photo. I've been asked for photos of my quilt studio, so here are some that I've shared in the past. I've made some changes and I really do need to update these, but until I clean (or a miracle happens) here's a good idea of where you can find me most days...

This is what my current quilt room looked like when I first moved in just over three years ago. Read all about it HERE.

And HERE is the tutorial on how to build the design walls.

And HERE is a peek at it from two years ago.

HERE is my favorite thread storage solution ever!

HERE is what the room usually looks like.

Hope you enjoyed this little look into where I play with fabric and don't forget the GIVE AWAY that's still open HERE.


  1. Love your space!! I see you are a Janome girl! I have that same machine! We recently downsized when my husband retired and I sure miss my larger sewing area. My sweet husband bought me a Koala Studio, which really helps. Aren't husbands wonderful?!!!!

  2. The mess in a sewing room means that you're working in it ! ;)

  3. a design wall, my dream, but one day...I am going to have one!

  4. Loved the peek and I went back and read the other blog posts and tutorials on making the design wall and spray basting. Great ideas! How long side to side is your design wall?

  5. Looks like a cozy place to hang out and create.


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