Monday, July 25, 2016

Scrap Quilt Secrets Coloring Pages

One of my favorite things about my new book is the coloring pages in the back. I wanted my book to be beautiful and full of great information, but I wanted it to be fun too. You've got to admit, coloring pages are fun! Feel free to copy them as many times as you like.

The graphics person made the title page beautiful and fun. Don't you love the cropped version of the cover quilt? I do!

The table of contents page has a cropped portion of each quilt as well, in a variety of close ups.

The introduction and dedication pages also have fun cropped elements from the cover quilt. I love details like that. I actually asked for those details and while I didn't get all of the ones I asked for, these pages are perfect! I also asked to add my signature. I think that makes it more personal, don't you?

And the coloring pages are found in the back of the book. There is a full page outline of each quilt so you can test different color options, or just copy and color until your heart's content!

Look how cute each coloring page has one cropped block at the top! Isn't that cool? I was so excited when I saw those.

Some of the coloring pages have bold lines in some areas. I felt like the design was easier to discern with bolder lines around the accent pieces, or separating different types of blocks. These are the details that I think take a good idea and make it even better!

I also had a couple of the quilts altered to include fewer blocks. For example, I felt like the pieces in Razzmatazz were too tiny to color, so by enlarging the blocks and making the coloring sheet only 3 x 3 rather than 4 x 4, it would be easier to color. That is noted at the bottom of the page to prevent confusion. I just think it's easier to fit a pencil tip or marker in these pieces. 

I also like how that little cropped block shows up again on the pattern page. But what I like even better, is the tip (in the box at the top) and the list of secrets (paperclipped list on the side) that add so much information to each pattern. This is the stuff I gobble up when I am reading a quilt book. I wanted to be very generous with the information, tips and secrets (afterall, that IS the name of the book!) Notice that each quilt has it's own story as well (below the photo.)

And let's not forget, every single template, shape, and paper foundation are ALL FULL SIZE. I have no patience for resizing or doing anything more complicated than copying when it comes to my printer. Anyone else feel this way?

See, even some of the secrets are meant to add fun! I do hope you will love this book, I sure put a lot of love into it. Get your copy here or ask for it at your local quilt shop.

Enjoy every page!


  1. Your book is wonderful !!! 😆

  2. I LOVE the coloring pages and that is one of the things that I talked about when I reviewed your awesome book. Lots of great little touches!

  3. such a great touch to your book!

  4. I just purchased your book this weekend. I can't wait to start one of the cute projects. Love, love scrap quilts.


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