Monday, August 1, 2016

And the winner is...

Lisa's version of Sawnee Shadows. Isn't it gorgeous?

A blog reader sent me this photo this weekend and it is so amazing I almost cried! Lisa was looking to use up a giant pile of green in her stash, and she chose the Sawnee Shadows pattern from my book. She said she added the pops of pinks and purples because it just takes too much self-control to make a one color quilt. (I couldn't agree more Lisa!) Doesn't it just sparkle?

Thanks for making me smile Lisa!!

Now to the winner of the eco pouch give away...

24 quilts...fingers crossed!

There are indeed 24 quilts shown in the photos and only three folks counted correctly. I chose the first person to reply with 24 as the winner. It was tricky with quilts hanging from walls, sitting on tables, and folded in piles. Thanks so much for playing along and especially for all the nice comments. Give aways are so fun, I think we will need to have another one soon!

Thanks again Lisa, and I've sent the winner an email!
Have a wonderful weeks friends,


  1. I am so happy to win the eco pouch!! congrats to Lisa for the beautiful quilt!

  2. Ohh how beautiful is Lisa's quilt! All those greens with pops of colour look wonderful in your pattern. Congratulations to the winner.

  3. Lisa's quilt is lovely and what a great feeling for you to see one of your designs come to life.

  4. Congrats to Lisa...24...oh my I was wayyyy off!! LOL!! It was a fun way to get a peek into your beautiful home though. Thanks for the lovely tour.


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