Monday, August 22, 2016


Sewing these blocks for the swap hosted by Barb.

Considering what to read after finishing this and this.

Looking for a new series to watch now that the Olympics are over and it could be months if not years before the next season of Outlander.

Contemplating the border situation on this quilt...

Listening to the dogs snoring.

Packing lunches again every day for school (for the last year.)

Cheering for these runners...

Feeling really sore and not sure why my back hurts so much.

Waiting for football season to start and hoping my Saints don't break my heart again this year.

Wondering what this will become...

But mostly just

Missing this girl more than words can say...


  1. Watching the Olympics was sure good for needlework projects

  2. I hope she enjoys this new part oh her life! but mother's heart needs hugs! and quilting!Hugs from France Diane!

  3. I know it is hard. It's good practice for when they leave again and again.......

  4. what a fun post - I love your broken dishes block. The B&W is great - sorry about your back!
    oh - it's hard to let the girls go....

  5. Lovely things filling your days. I hope the time flies until you see your daughter again.

  6. Yep. It's a tough time of life, but we love seeing them be strong and independent!

  7. This made my heart skip a little, I so remember that feeling.

  8. Loved your post filled with life's happiness and challenges.

  9. What? Years before the next season of Outlander? I read all the books and just watched the first season. I am impressed at what a good job they did on it and am anxious for more. I was tempted by Barb's new swap but decided to sit back and enjoy watching what others - like you! - produce.


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