Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dorm Quilts

It seems like just yesterday that I offered to make coordinating quilts for the girls' dorm room for this year. And off we went to the local quilt shop to choose fabrics.

Okay, so maybe it was only a couple of weeks ago. But it's been a whirlwind and the quilts are finished and these girls are ready to start their freshman year! How stinking cute are they?!

Kelly wanted a disappearing nine patch quilt with lots of purple. She chose the purple border fabrics and I used solids from my stash.

Tanner wanted more aqua in her quilt and she found a photo of these blocks in a book. It had no pattern but was easy enough to draft one. I simply stacked the fabrics and cut them, then resewed alternating the fabrics. My local guild actually liked this so much I'm teaching the method in a workshop next week. 

When quilts are going off to college, it's never a bad idea to quilt a name into them. This is a lot harder to remove than a label. I don't expect anyone would take it, but if it does get misplaced, it'll be easy enough to identify!

The quilts have matching backings so that the girls can flip them over and have matching spreads if they want to change up the look. I had fun making them and I sure hope they have sweet dreams while sleeping under them.

Making the quilts was the easy part of this whole transition for me, saying goodbye to my best friend is going to be a lot harder. Luckily, she'll only be 90 minutes away and I know she will have a wonderful time. I'm bringing lots of tissue for the car ride home. And I can't even think about next year, when I'll be sending all three off to college. I would be happy to take any advise and comfort you might want to offer.



  1. A pair of wonderful quilts!! They'll have the best dressed dorm on campus! It must be a strange feeling saying goodbye for now, but 90 minutes isn't too far.

  2. Both of the quilts turned out terrific - what fun to have quilts to take off to college! I don't have any great words of wisdom, except working/staying busy helps smooth out the rough patches. Oh, and care packages are always appreciated! Ninety minutes isn't too bad - my oldest went to the University of Florida - 9 hours away!

  3. Quilting and sewing have kept me sane through that empty nester time of life - hopefully it will for you, too! Wishing you a smooth transition! The girls' quilts are beautiful - how fun that they had input on the design and fabric!

  4. You've made a wonderful present to these two cute girls !
    Aaah...I know it's hard to see them go far away from home but we don't make children for ourselves....next year, my second son will go away and i will be alone in my home ...like you ! We will support together !

  5. so cute - the girls and the quilts! what a super idea to have the matching backs!

  6. Beautiful, I remember making those for my kids....Hugs, Mary

  7. Great quilts for them to feel more 'at home'. Beautiful fabrics and love the backs!

  8. The quilts turned out really cute! I'm sure they will be thinking of you a lot when they see their quilts!

  9. Oh gosh...love that you sent the girls off with quilty hugs!!! I got Jackson one month into my empty nest...LOL!!! And now seven years have gone by! Oh...I also started quilting then as THIS was the hobby I always wanted to learn and "dive" into but didn't have the time. :) :)

  10. These turned out so great! I know they will love them. My advice is give yourself time to adjust and then I think you'll find life on the other side is sort of fun.


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