Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just a slice of Peppermint Pie

I made a little table runner last week. I wanted to make some table runner samples of some of the quilts in my book. It's easier to mail these samples to guilds. I can teach the techniques in the workshops and the quilters can choose if they want to do the little version or the big one!

This little table runner uses the blocks from Peppermint Pie. I added the scraps to the label. This table runner uses all of the skills needed to make the big quilt, without all the commitment (and zero calories!) 

What do you think?
Enjoy every stitch,


  1. Very cute! I am into small quilts and minis at the moment. I like the red and white.

  2. So pretty in red and white, but then I think they'd be wonderful in any colour.

  3. Perfect! I did some fabric closet tidying this past weekend and decided some tablerunners would be a good way to use up fabric. I'm off to look through your book for some inspiration!

  4. I like that you offer two versions during your workshops...and what an adorable holiday table runner Peppermint Pie will make!

  5. very sweet - see what did there? lol

  6. The table runner is very pretty and i love the quilt !! I'm not a complicated girl lol !


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