Friday, August 26, 2016


 Life is full of transitions right now for me.

Sunset over the equestrian center at Kelly's school last night.

My first born baby just left for college. Luckily she is only 90 minutes away. I went up to visit her Thursday. I promised to bring a few items she needed and take her out to dinner and help her relax before her Equestrian Team Tryouts (which she nailed!) but I didn't tell her I was bringing her best friend from home who is a senior in high school. We hid Sara around the corner so when Kelly opened the door I asked her, what's that over there and pointed. She walked out a few steps and looked to her right. Oh the squeals and hugs and happy tears! It was so great to see the pure joy! Kelly LOVES everything about her new school... classes, work, room mate, friends, etc. She is thriving! Seeing it with my own eyes made my heart feel SO much better. A momma worries you know.

My boys are seniors this year and they are so busy with sports, school, college applications, and friends that they hardly have time for me. I know they will be gone in the blink of an eye and I can't even imagine how hard that will be. Sigh.

Saying goodbye and saying hello.

I've got my calendar full of teaching and travel and book signings for the next couple of months. I've said YES to almost everything quilt related that I could.  My boys are still my number one priority but they are more than happy to share me. That's the thing about transitions, as something ends or changes, something new appears. I wrote my book when I did with this time of transition in mind. I would need new challenges and new opportunities as my nest emptied. (It still feels like a punch in the gut just to say that!)

I'm also designing new quilts and the one I'm most excited about is still a secret but this photo will be your first clue! I'm writing patterns and creating fun projects for Craftsy. I'm also embracing some fun new quilting business relationships!

I'm planning to teach at an amazing four day retreat (sorry it's sold out and has a waiting list) for a wonderful local quilt shop. My role there may actually expand as well. We are making lots of fun plans to look forward to and I promise to share them here as soon as I can. It's going to be big folks!

I have book number two all planned and some of the quilts made. I was going to start that now but I've decided to put that off for a bit for several reasons. Again, I'll share all the details when I can.

I'm focusing on my health. I've let a couple of not-so-serious chronic issues become rather annoying. So it's time to be proactive and take charge! A nice big steroid shot yesterday got things rolling in the very irritating allergy department. I'll spare you the menopause symptoms but I'm sure most of you reading will just be nodding your heads. You understand.

While I've shed more tears lately than I usually do in a whole year, I am making some big plans and I am looking forward to what this time of transition leads me toward. So you will have lots of good quilting adventures to look forward to as well! I still plan to share the machine quilting tutorial (but it's kind of hard to take photos of yourself machine quilting!) and I've got some finished quilts to share soon too. Fingers crossed!

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for the kind comments and sweet notes during this time of transition for me. I'm going to be stronger and better because of it. I know I'm more thankful when I remember how blessed I am to have my quilting friends.

Love you all!


  1. Changes ca be hard but I find there is always good mixed in. Sounds like you have some exciting fun things in store.

  2. I'll try and make my comment more positive this time! It really does help when you see your child loving college, classes, friends... I'm happy your dd is happy.
    Whoa! It sounds like you have a lot of fun projects on your plate. How exciting!!

  3. Transitions can be difficult, but believe me, when your children are grown (my boys are 40 and 42) and you see them successful and happy--and have is a feeling that I can't even describe. They are our legacy and your teaching them to be independent is a wonderful gift to them! Exciting days ahead for you!

  4. I am so glad to hear your daughter is loving school--so is mine! It makes it much easier that they are thriving. I am also focusing on work and quilting. I would love to test patterns for you if you need. Please let me know!

  5. Oh how I understand. Luckily she is so close she can come home for weekends.
    It is hard. The swap on my blog was a way to keep me busy one fall when Hanna went back and I knew I'd feel lonely -
    Thank goodness for quilting!!

  6. It sounds like you have lots of wonderful plans in the works! New challenges are always a great way to deal with transitions. And quilting always has the best challenges! Plus, you've got a great quilting cheer team! BTW, I LOVE the colors and fabric in the new block (and I love Ohio Star blocks) - can't wait to see more!

  7. You've started some positive chain reactions. It sounds like you got so many wonderful events coming your way. Enjoy!

  8. Change can be positive as I guess because you decide to change too! I am with you (Stand by me, Compte sur moi en français!), your tips are so good for my quilting level. I made some big progress this summer!! Hugs!!!

    1. You are so kind to me! I'm so glad that Cecile and I found each other and that you were with her in Nantes. What good luck for me to get a bonus friend! Your sweet encouragement really does help. Thank you so much!

  9. Are you reassured for your daughter ? Kelly is wonderful and seems to be very happy in her new college ! That's the best news a Mom wants to know ! :)))
    I'm glad you're busy with lots of projects ! Congratulations !

  10. I just love your posts. Looking forward to your new chapter and happy you are sharing it with us. You are a terrific Mom.

  11. Transitions can be very hard. When my husband of 23 1/2 years walked out, I thought I was going to die and almost did. I was devastated and did not believe in divorce. I had been taught that if you worked long enough and hard enough, you could conquer most anything. It was he who didn't want to work at the marriage and I was unprepared for that. I had been doing all the work all along anyhow and didn't realized it because I was so busy doing that. Now, it was a blessing in disguise. I eventually remarried and was very happy for seven years until he died. Another transition. My daughter was about 90 minutes away in college, also. I kept the road hot. Then I ended up starting a doctoral program here through the same university and had some classes there after she graduated. I got sick with cancer and fibromyalgia and had to quit two classes and my dissertation shy of the degree. My daughter moved from OK to NM to be near here boyfriend and they remained there. That was a big transition. My son's girlfriend robbed me of almost every material thing I inherited from my parents and HE got a protective order against me when I reported it to the police. Now he is living with me - to help him. Then in early March, his 2 1/2 year old daughter came to live with us with her mother went to jail. What a change to go from a silent house to a house filled with love again! So, I'm with you about transitions. I know have some wonderful friends that I met at grief share and support I have never had in my life. That's been the key for me. You have planned well and are blessed to have the relationships that you have fostered with your children. Congratulations! I always enjoy your designs and eagerly await your next book! From someone with many health challenges, please do take care of yourself.

  12. Hope you feel better! This is an exciting time for you and your family. Change is always hard, just embrace it and try to enjoy what it has to offer!

  13. Hope you feel better! This is an exciting time for you and your family. Change is always hard, just embrace it and try to enjoy what it has to offer!

  14. It sounds like you have lots of fun things to look forward to! Can't wait to see what all you are up to.


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