Friday, September 2, 2016

A Mug Rug and lots of excuses...

Check out the Craftsy blog here today for my latest mug rug pattern. They asked me to design one mug rug a month for their blog and I'm having way too much fun. Turns out tiny projects that can finish in a flash are perfect for me right now.

This gorgeous book by Gwen Marston arrived this week. If you want to find out more about it or order one click here. Having been a fan of hers for years, this is a collection of her quilts. The photos and detail shots are wonderful and the collection is organized and inspiring.

I have made half of the blocks for the swap Barb is hosting. I have one more set of blocks to make in another color combination. I hope to get the pieces cut out before I leave next week. They will make a great travel project.

This kitty is sticking really close to the boys and I. I think she's missing her girl. She grudgingly is letting us pamper her instead. She's such a snob. She still won't give the dogs anything more than a hiss. It's a good things she's so cute, because her attitude needs a little improving.

The boys and I went on another college campus visit this week. We loved the campus but the hills were killer. No wonder it is considered one of the 'fittest' colleges in the US. You would stay in shape just getting to class! This is the view from the dorm lounge. Not too shabby!

We are also in the middle of Cross Country season. The boys run in one to two meets per week. I love to watch them run but the heat has been miserable so far. Hopefully, the meet tomorrow will be a little cooler because of all the rain we've had. Fingers crossed.

I went to my last meeting as a Parent of a Senior at their school last night. It was truly bittersweet. I barely caught my breath from saying goodbye to my girl and now it's time for the boys to do the same! They have been such bundles of fun since they arrived almost 18 years ago. I truly feel blessed to have watch them grow and bond as twins and brothers. It is such a special relationship it makes me wish I had a twin!

It seems like just yesterday we were exploring and having adventures every single day. Now they are young men ready to leave for college. I know they are prepared and I can't wait to see what amazing things they will do in life, but sometimes, I just wish I could have those snuggly little guys back for a few moments.

Maybe I will get some quilting done soon to share...


  1. Love the apple, Diane, and the instructions are really excellent. Bookmark!

  2. What a fun pattern. It is right up my alley right now. I am listening to a cardinal as I sit at the computer. I love Gwen Marston, I have most all of her books. We have two kitties, a male and female, that have lived together over three years, and she always hisses at him. He wants to be near her, but she will have nothing to do with him. Oh well! Have a great weekend.

  3. My twin girls are now 31 and there isn't a day that goes by that they don't talk with each other. They have a bond that is so different from other siblings. They did go off to different colleges, but within driving distance, thank goodness.

  4. you've been busy! Your hourglasses look great. love that limey green.
    Oh how I miss cross country and going to the meets. I was the 'apple' lady. I brought them once and then I had to bring them each time ;)
    Twins are so special loved the old photo - so cute

  5. Ah, so much going on! Where was the college you visited this time? Love your hourglass blocks.


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