Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Medallion Quilt Step 1

Welcome to the Medallion Sew Along for my new book Scrap Quilt Secrets! All of the patterns and pieces for this quilt can be found in the book. Detailed instructions on cutting, pressing and sewing along with diagrams and step by step instructions are all found in the book. This sew along will direct you to the page and item in the book for those instructions. If you need a copy of the book, you can order it here.

Step 1

Make one Star block B from page 73.

This block is found in the quilt Oh My Stars! If you prefer, you can use any of the stars from that quilt. They are all the same size so substituting another star would be work perfectly.

Choose the beginning of your color scheme now. While this is a scrappy quilt, think about all the colors you want to include in the quilt and try to incorporate at least three of them in this block.

Enjoy every stitch!


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  1. Okey dokey! Love your little camper fabric! This is going to be fun and thanks for keeping it easy...


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