Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10 Minute Tips: The Top 10 List

On the recent give away post, I asked for feedback about what readers like best on this blog. (Thanks again for all of the super kind comments!) Not surprisingly, the 10 Minute Tips were mentioned several times. They are a personal favorite of mine too! I love learning tips and shortcuts from other quilters, so I think it's fun to share them as well. Some of these tips I invented on my own, and some were picked up from others along my quilting journey no doubt. These are things that I find helpful, so I hope you will too!


1. Quilting with my Smart Phone
2.  Let's go shopping!
3. What I NEVER do to my iron
4. Pass it on!
5. Sewing Sashing Inside/Outside
6. Vertical vs. Horizontal
7. Piecing Batting
8. Rulers aren't just for measuring
9. Make a List
10. It's in the bag!

I hope you find these helpful, and if you have a super tip, PLEASE leave it in the comments. I love a good tip as much anyone else.



  1. I never feel the need to finish a project that I really don't like. It might be old or just a design that didn't work. Ihere are too many things I want to do!

  2. Read the top ten.....the iron is the simplest but I have never thought that way and buying irons has become a yearly project for me, because of the very reasons you listed. I will be investing in spray bottles.....thanks,

  3. Great 10 minute tips. It's those little thing that add up to big time and money savers.


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