Monday, November 14, 2016

A Quilt for Patsy

Recently my small stitching group made a quilt for one of our members. She likes all things bright and black and white, so we found this design and I drew a larger version pattern with a few more squares in each block so that Patsy would have lots of bright colors to look at while she cuddled up under this. Patsy is living with her son and his family in Pennsylvania while she goes through her treatments, so her friends in Georgia keep reminding her how much we are thinking of her!

 Darlene made this sweet label and put the binding on the quilt. I've waited to share this because I wanted to be sure that Patsy had received the quilt before I shared it. I didn't want to ruin the surprise!

And here's our beautiful friend Patsy in her 'happy place' just last year. We miss you every single day Patsy. We talk about you all the time and we are rooting for you to beat this thing and get back to quilting with the rest of us very soon! If not, our little stitching group may have to make a road trip to see you and imagine all the trouble we could get into doing that!?!

Love you Patsy!

Diane (and all your quilting friends)


  1. Many happy thoughts to your friend Patsy! She received a lot of love in her beautiful quilt.

  2. You've done a very nice quilt you and your group to Patsy ! I'm sure she will treasure it !

  3. Vibrant quilt! Hope it brings lots of comfort and healing.

  4. Such a happy quilt! I am sure it lifted her spirits!

  5. Beautiful quilt, filled with love for Patsy.

  6. Patsy will treasure this wonderful quilt!

  7. What a great cheerful quilt for your friend. I hope Patsy recovers quickly!


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