Friday, November 11, 2016

I Survived my 1st Saturday Sampler...

When I started working at Tiny Stitches almost a month ago, I knew that I would be working every Wednesday and every Friday. I also knew that I would be working on the first and third Saturdays of the month because that is when the "Saturday Sampler" program is held. I also work the second and fourth Sundays and special events. I've been enjoying my days at the shop more than I could have ever imagined! The customers are wonderful and the fellow staff are truly my kind of people. We laugh and have so much fun while the fabric flies!

For those of you that aren't familiar, Saturday Sampler is a monthly club that costs $10 to join and you choose which quilt you want to participate in. (Our shop offers a couple of different patterns and colorways.) You attend either the 8am, 9am, 10am, or 11am presentation and then receive the next block for free if you have your latest block sewn and present it! See our lovely leader Maetha telling the group all about everything here!

If it looks a little crazy, it is! Carolyn is the "block bouncer", she verifies your block is done and then gives you the next block packet. If your block is not complete, you get sent to Linda to pay the fee! Some folks participate in multiple options. All in all, we cut over 700 block kits each month. Yep, you read that right, over 700! And all those folks travel through the process each month.

So what was I doing when I wasn't racing around snapping photos of the chaos? I was cutting fabrics and helping folks with shopping choices while they were in the store. These people are so much fun! One amazing customer brought me a whole bag of selvages because she knows how I love them! Seriously, she flagged me down in the parking lot as I was walking into the store and handed them to me! You know she got a great big hug once inside the shop!

Oh, and look, there's my quilt on the display! And yes, this was just one of the sessions, remember, we repeat this FOUR times, and because all the customers can't always make the first Saturday, we repeat this on the third Saturday of the month, every...single...month.

Ok, I need a nap just thinking about this little experience. Thankfully I survived and I expect I will be completely recovered by the time we do this again. LOL And for all of you who greeted me with warm wishes, big hugs and happy smiles, THANK YOU SO  MUCH!

See you next Saturday!


  1. 700!!!!!!!!!!!! What a popular store! THAT is a lot of cutting and kit prepping! Congrats on having one of your quilts as one of the samplers.

  2. wow - fun. I wish we had an active shop like this!

  3. It would be fun to have an active shop like this close by!

  4. Wow! That's an incredible amount of kits for a Saturday Sampler. This shop must be the place to be.

  5. That is amazing! 700 kits. I can't imagine how busy it must be.But it does look very exciting.

  6. Wow Diane that's wonderful for you ! I'm sure you love it....adore it because I remember you told me you always need to have a million things to do !
    Ok perfect for you and these ladies seem to be sooo fun and full of kindness !
    Enjoy !

  7. OMG! what a busy beehive!! I am happy for you! Why we don't have this in France?


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