Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Safe Place Heart with Safety Pin

I have drawn a safety pin with a heart that I plan to use on a quilt label. I am happy to share it with anyone who would like to use it. The printable file can be found HERE. I'll also add it to the tab at the top for free patterns if you decide to look for it in the future. Feel free to resize it up or down to use in any project you like. All I ask is that you not sell it online and simply give me credit if you share it. (It makes me sad that I even have to say that.) 

This is not a political post. Please do not leave political comments. It's simply a way to share love and support for our fellow human beings. Thanks for keeping this blog a positive place!



  1. Such a creative idea...and you are kind to share!

  2. Thank you, we are on the same page! I've been searching for a paper-pieced pattern for a safety pin and have thought about reaching out to some bloggers who develop paper piecing patterns, like Wombat Quilts and Molli Sparkles. Great idea!!! Thanks!!

  3. I wish this would actually catch on!


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