Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 Resolutions or whatever...

While the rest of the world seems to be making all of these noble and grand resolutions or goals for the new year, I'm over here racking my brain trying to remember what my goals for last year were? I can't ever remember past February first what I was so eager to accomplish at the dawn of the new year. So this year I've decided to chuck it all and do something totally different. I've decided to set myself up for success, rather than disappointment and confusion (not that I can avoid that for very long in any case...)

So this year my TO DO list is going to include (and I'm writing it down on my calendar now so I won't forget) the following.

1. READ more books. My book club is great at referring good books and I am going to take the time to actually try to read each one this year. At the very least I can listen to them on tape while I commute to work.

2. NAP. That's right, I plan to schedule a nap every week or so, because by golly I deserve it.

3. RIDE MY BIKE once the weather gets warmer. I love riding my new bike and it's way healthier than doing that fifth load of laundry for the day!

4. FAMILY AND FRIENDS will get priority on my calendar over work or 'stuff'. All that 'stuff' will eventually get done, but the people in my life are precious and they deserve priority!

5. THE BEACH. I am going to make a serious effort to find myself on a beach at some point this year. I love the beach so much, and it's not looking like it will happen, but if I get creative, it might!

So while y'all are all finishing your UFO's and organizing your sewing rooms and breaking world records, I'll be napping. This will be the first year I actually have a chance to succeed at my New Years Resolutions (or whatever you want to call them!)

Happy New Year friends!


  1. Good for you. There is more to life than quilting. I'm not much of a goal setter either. Let life come at me with whatever and I'll get some stuff done.

  2. Love it! I agree with all of your 'to do list' items. Here's to a fun 2017!

  3. I love your resolutions, but not the nap... I can't! but Family and reading are good goals!!

  4. Yes, as I read all these quilters preparing ufos to finish lists, etc, I just think "I'm retired. I don't need to do anything especially on a deadline". So I approve of your laid back resolutions. Read and nap on. We all know the quilting will get done.

  5. I'm thinking you're going to have a very good year. I'm a list maker and have one for my UFO's, but I don't let it get me down!

  6. I hope ya share your books on the I want to read more too. You go girl with the naps and exercise...sounds like the perfect balance to me!! Cheers!

  7. I luv it! Those are resolutions I can relate to. :-)

  8. I luv it! Those are resolutions I can relate to. :-)


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