Thursday, January 5, 2017

Quilt Guild Meeting

Today was the first meeting of my local quilt guild and here's a sneak peek at why I love my guild so much. I had signed up to be on the hostess committee this month (that's just a fancy name for snacks!) And we had fun with our little warm and cozy winter theme. Now I realize not everyone has a fake fireplace, but we have a member with a very impressive prop closet and she blessed us today with not only the gingerbread cupcakes shown above, and hot chocolate with all of the fixin's but she brought along her fake fireplace. I know you're jealous now!

I made two kinds of donuts for my contribution, and there were several trays of what looked like Christmas leftovers but we're not too highbrow for leftovers, we love them in fact! So you can see that we ate very well this morning!

And then during show and tell, my sweet friend Helga (who takes care of all my digital designs for my patterns) just happened to finish her mystery quilt from 2014. You can find the free pattern HERE I completely adore her color choices and the slight variation she added to give this quilt a little extra sparkle. Isn't she cute?

Speaking of cute...look at my friends having such a good time! They thought I was joking when I said, "Let me take your picture so I can prove that I have friends!" Here's the proof, and Kathy is obviously enjoying that donut I made. LOL

Oh and there was a quick business meeting squeezed in as well as a great presentation by one of our own members who is a hand quilter. We all agree that there is nothing more warm and cozy than a hand quilted quilt.

So, if you aren't in a guild, I highly recommend it, but you may want to wear you elastic waist pants. Just saying...

Stay warm y'all!


  1. OMG ! An elastic waist pants ! ah ah ah !! so fun ! and so real because when I see all the wonderful cakes on the table, I answer me : are they just eat or are they also quilt ? Friends are precious ! Enjoy Diane .... :)

  2. Love Helga's Mystery Quilt! I immediately wanted to make one too. Is it just my computer or does the link not work?

    1. The link doesn't work. If you go to the top and look under Free Tutorials and Patterns, it seems to be there but slightly different.

  3. I found the Mystery Quilt link above the post. Thank you for sharing! I LOL about the fake (and portable) fireplace and could almost taste the delicious flavor of the stunning cupcakes when I saw the photo. Your post brightened a dreary bitter cold day in Minnesota!

  4. This makes me miss my old guild in Pensacola so much! Thanks for stirring up great memories!

  5. Looks like fun Diane! That fireplace is a hoot!

  6. What a yummy, inspiring guild meeting. Probably the only guild to bring their own fireplace to a meeting!

  7. What a warm and inviting setting. Looks fun and yummy! I've been reading your 10 minute tips - such great ideas. Great blog!

  8. why I don't live near you ? I love the cakes, the happy faces of quilters... yes, enjoy Diane!

  9. Everything wonderful : the ladies, the quilt and the cakes!!


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