Sunday, January 8, 2017

We Survived the Snowstorm of 2017

It was terrifying and treacherous, but we managed to survive the snowstorm this weekend, all 2" of the fluffy white stuff! Some of it is still on the ground! In Georgia, it's not the snow that is actually the problem, it's the ice. We did get quite a bit of ice before the snow fell, so the roads have been super slippery. We don't have the equipment to treat the roads (other than major highways) so we've been home bound.

(Boomer is waiting for someone to play ball in the snow with him!)

Being home bound is the part I actually love about snowstorms in Georgia. They are the perfect excuse to stay inside and sew! That's exactly what I did. I was able to get a sleeve and label on the medallion quilt I just finished. I also layered, basted and machine quilted another  small quilt. Now I have the hand stitching on the binding to keep me busy.

All kidding aside, those of you who are in the middle of real storm weather, please stay safe and keep warm! I will be safely tucked into my sewing room with fabric and thread flying!



  1. Elsa has lost many balls in the deep snow. She makes it almost impossible to shovel snow cause she keeps dropping the ball directly in front of us. We are getting even more snow today. I plan on sewing as much as possible, but still helping hubby shovel the snow.

  2. No snow for us at this time but all the day of yesterday, we've got ice too ! Lots of cars and buses accidents in France....take care !

  3. Oh yes, snow is beautiful but take care!!

  4. I see you have the same weather as us here in Greece! Keep warm and enjoy the view from inside!


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