Thursday, January 26, 2017

What a Week!!!

Last week I was settling in to a few fabulous days of sewing and socializing at this fun retreat center in the middle of nowhere, Georgia. We had a beautiful day on Thursday and enjoyed a long walk on the property and stitching outside on the porch! That's never happened in all the years we've been visiting this place in January. Last year it snowed on us! So we soaked up the sun before the rain set in for the rest of the weekend.

I got lots of sewing done and most of it was top secret, so all I can show you is this photo of my sewing area. I enjoyed chain piecing these dresdens and will definitely do that again!

I also organized my selvages by color and plan to start another selvage quilt. They are completely addictive. I pieced two quilt tops and hand stitched binding to a top as well.

Meanwhile, I was getting texts from home telling me Boomer missed me. He suffers so...

And on Sunday we went to the Falcons game!!! We haven't ever been to a Falcons game in all the years we've lived here, but the boys were enthusiastic about the idea so we bought tickets at the last minute and made some memories that will last forever!

As you can see, our seats were amazing and we enjoyed every single second of the action packed game. It was so LOUD and FUN and the ENERGY was unbelievable. I may have had more fun than the boys, but we truly all thought it was awesome. It was the last game in the dome, and the last game in ATL before these boys leave for college in the fall, so I'm thankful we seized this wonderful opportunity.

Monday began jury duty. I can honestly say that I have never sat and waited, and then been told to sit and wait some more, in one week. I got so stir crazy I walked laps around the building! Jury selection lasted until Thursday morning and I was not selected. I think it would be interesting to sit on a jury, but I'm glad I wasn't chosen for this one, it was a criminal case and covered a very disturbing event that I am pretty sure would have given me night mares. I could have done it, but I am glad I didn't have to.

So after I got released from jury duty today, I did the only reasonable thing a girl can do, I had lunch with friends and got a manicure. I'll be back at work tomorrow and I know it will feel great to be back into my familiar routine.

This week was an emotionally exhausting roller coaster from the relaxation of the retreat, to the high energy of the game to the endless waiting in the courthouse. It was a lot to cram into one week, and I'm ready for a nice boring week ahead.

I'm stitching a new Valentines Day wall hanging that I hope to be able to share soon too!

So stay tuned!


  1. Oh my gosh! How fun to see the Falcons beat GB! So glad cuz GB got my 'Boys! Hope they can put it to the Pats. I've been down for jury duty a few times and never got selected til the last time--can we say BORING?!! UGH! Love the nail pretty! Does sound like a whirlwind week!!

  2. The game must have been so much fun! And those seats!! I was squealing for you!
    I was on Grand Jury and we met every week to determine if there was enough evidence to bring charges. My heart was heavy every week- emotionally it was very difficult.
    Enjoy being back to the routine.

  3. What a week yesssss !!
    I love your nail color ! It matches with your fabric !!
    It's are going to have a rest with Boomer !

  4. Hi Diane, I live in Tennessee and we are always looking for new retreat locations. Can you please tell me where the one you went to is at? Happy Stitching!

  5. You did have quite week. Hope this coming week is just normal but still fabulous.

  6. You did have quite week. Hope this coming week is just normal but still fabulous.

  7. Enjoy your time at home. Maybe not leave the house for two days - except to walk Boomer! 😉

  8. wow you were busy! glad most of it was fun.

  9. Looks like a great place for a retreat! You've had quite a week. You deserve the manicure. You're nails look great!


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