Thursday, March 23, 2017

Liberty of London, the store of my dreams...

The moment Kelly decided that we were going to London, I knew without a doubt, that I was going to Liberty of London. I simply could not pass up this chance. It's been 25 years since I last went to London, it could be another 25 before I get there again. I simply HAD to make this happen!!

Unfortunately my photos are not great as I was mildly hyperventilating while I was trying to take them, and my hand may have been shaking a bit. The Liberty of London website has great photos that actually show the store better than mine do. (imagine that?) LOL

Upon finding the fabric floor and drooling a bit, I gathered myself together and remembered to snap some good photos before hauling bolts to the cutting table. Look how adorable this special edition sewing machine is!! And the fun little Liberty of London replica sewing box. I would have totally brought these home if they would have fit in my suitcase.  How stinking cute are they?

And while there weren't very many precut fabrics, there were quite a few one meter cuts in these little individual packages and the bundles you see on this table.

And then, of course there was a full wall of these amazing Liberty prints in cotton. There were also large areas of home dec and other fabrics, but this is where I kept my focus!

See these cute little bundles in the basket? Yep, one of those came home with me. As well as a one meter cut of one fabric. I decided to use a little self control. It wasn't easy, but I was just thrilled to be able to choose anything at all!

Here's the gorgeous bundle and fabric that came home with me...

I've been petting it, and pressing it, and admiring it ever since. I have no idea what I'm going to make out of it, but for now, I'm just thrilled to have it!!  Each piece in the bundle is about 6" wide and 45" long. Not sure what size that is technically, but who cares! Isn't it pretty?

And that my friends, it what happened when I went to Liberty of London. It was even more wonderful than I had imagined!


  1. That fabric screams "Liberty of London!" It is lovely! The sewing machine is a little weird, not sure I'd like that..

  2. What a wonderful find. Love that bundle. I am thankful you had such a lovely trip. I'm sure you are with all of us who are holding London in our heart's today after such a horrid tragedy.

  3. Liberty is the most beautiful department store... ever... anywhere... it just is. I can understand the hyperventilating :-) I am lucky enough to visit London and Liberty at least once a year, sometimes even twice and every time I am so excited when I enter this store. My husband is not.. luckily there are a few chairs near the windows of the fabrics dept .... I have many a picture of him taking a nap in one of them :-))))

  4. wow - what an incredible store. glad you were able to go!

  5. The Temple of Liberty... I love this store !

  6. How fortunate you were to visit London last week before the tragic terror attack. Must give you shivers, since I have no doubt you spent time in that area.

  7. I'm so glad you got to go shopping! It's beautiful fabric. I love the one meter piece you got.

  8. I love Liberty of London fabrics. I have a yard of one I bought in 1979 ~ still can't bring myself to cut into it. But, I have finally thought of a worthy project ~ so wish me luck!


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