Sunday, March 19, 2017

LONDON was amazing!! (day 1)

As you know by now, my daughter and I took a trip (just the two of us) for her spring break last week. My boys don't have spring break for another few weeks, so we decided it was time for our first ever, mother-daughter adventure.

Because we fly standby (as airline employee family) we only get seats on the plane if there are any leftover. That meant we went to the airport and watched both flights leave without us the first day, then we went back to the airport the second day and got the last two seats on the last flight of the night. It was a relief to get on the plane, but it was super cozy in the back of coach with a full flight. We watched the movie Finding Dory after dinner and then tried to nap. Poor Kelly fell sound asleep just as we were almost landing.

We finally made it to LONDON and took the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station. This was wonderful, fast and so easy! After a quick taxi ride to our hotel, we checked into our comfy room at the Churchill Hyatt in Mayfair. We've never been so happy to see a bed! But we only took a 20 minute nap before heading out the door!

Our first stop was for coffee of course! This cute little coffee shop called Daisy was just around the corner from our hotel. We then walked to the Marble Arch to catch our sightseeing bus. Yep, we wanted to ride on the top level of the double decker bus and our amazing tour guide made us laugh and told the best stories along the way. Perfect way to shake off a long miserable flight!

The weather was sunny and gorgeous the entire time we were in London. Not a single drop of rain and barely a cloud in the sky! I liked how this photo from the bus silhouetted the parliament buildings.

We hopped off the bus at the Tower of London and walked to the Tower Bridge. It was too late to enter the Tower for the tour but we had fun poking around and learning about the area. This was the place I most wanted to explore and we would come back the next day for the full tour!

After spending a little time here, we hopped back on the bus and rode to the other side of the city. We got off in Kensington and walked a couple of blocks to Harrods for dinner and shopping.

By now we were feeling the long flight and wanted something to eat before heading back to the hotel. Harrod's has amazing food options and we almost couldn't decide!

Kelly wanted to look at it ALL and I wanted to eat immediately! I get cranky when I'm hungry and she just laughed at me. We did have a wonderful dinner and then took a taxi back to the hotel.

Our first day in London was so fun and we got to see and explore so much!! But the best was yet to come. Stay tuned...



  1. Love this post. We visited the same places a few years ago and took the same photos. Great memories! Enjoy a scone and some clotted cream for me please!

  2. I love London ! I've been there twice and they are great memories !

  3. I was wondering why to took you several trips to the airport to finally get on your flight, but I'm glad you made it. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  4. isn't harods amazing? What a fun trip - I love London

  5. Glad you finally made it! Can't wait to hear more.

  6. Glad your trip to London was so much fun! Just a 50 minute train ride away for me and yet I only visit once or twice a year - this summer we are travelling to the 2012 Olympic stadium for the World Athletics Championships. Looking forward to your next post ☺

  7. Love the selfie of your and Kelly!! So much fun being had and great memories being made!

  8. Great photos! I've never been to London!


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