Sunday, April 30, 2017

Another Fun Quilt Workshop

I had the good fortune to visit the Cherokee Rose Quilt Guild again yesterday and we had so much fun! The started out with a gorgeous show and tell of LIME TWIST made by the amazing Emma!

Then we got busy cutting and sewing and there was a flurry of thread and fabric at every single table in the room!

I might have drooled on this little cutie of a machine. How amazing is that!? And the dots are multiple sizes! Too awesome!

These three ladies made great progress on their UNDER THE MISTLETOE quilts. Don't you just love all those bright happy colors?

These two lovely ladies were making triangles by the dozen for their LUCKY STARS quilts.

And I even had a whole group doing the LIME TWIST!  Each of these are going to be so different and that's the best part of scrap quilting, don't you agree?

And here's the bunch from the back row, who had just as much fun as they did sewing but look at the colors for these KELLY MICHELLE quilts! They were doing a wonderful job, and while a couple of them claimed to be beginners, you would never have known it!

How did we get so much done you ask? We had cupcakes to keep us going! I ate a KEY LIME cupcake and while my teeth may have been green for the rest of the day, it was SO worth it! Oh my gosh it was amazing. YUM.

Thanks so much to all of the fun folks for a wonderful day of sewing and laughing and learning. I really enjoyed myself! (and the cupcake!!!)



  1. Lovely works in progress and key lime cupcakes--YES!

  2. I think it's so great that each group is working on different things. Sounds like fun fun!!

  3. Looks like you all had a blast! I am green for that polka dot featherweight. Do you think my Nana would mind if I did that to hers? I guess if I lucky enough to have been the one to get it, I'd better leave it as is. Thanks for sharing your fun class.

  4. OMG I love key lime! that looks yummy
    what a fun looking workshop. I have my MILs machine, so I don't feel I should have it painted - but it adore them!

  5. I'm torn between that lime cupcake and wonderful polka dotted sewing machine! Looks likeyour class was a success. :) :) Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Archives this week.


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