Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Mornings...

Sunday mornings have evolved in our home over the years. There were the years when the three kids were little and we were on automatic routine for survival. Feedings, bathing, napping and loving on the little people seemed to consume every day of the week without much variation. It is a blurry but happy memory.

Then the years followed of the growing children and their many assorted friends who loved to sleep over on the weekends. I always wanted to be house in the neighborhood that all the children wanted to go to, and I think we achieved that. Every Sunday morning I would wake up to find six to eight smiling faces with crazy hair sitting at my kitchen table waiting for me to serve up platters of home made pancakes or waffles with all the fixings. These were my favorite years for sure! The sleepy, happy and hungry little bunch always scarfed down every morsel of food and then trampled off to the next activity they dreamed up.

Then the teenage years arrived and my husband and I found ourselves looking at one another over quiet cups of coffee and wondering if the people we had raised would ever wake up. We enjoyed sharing the news over coffee and savored the quiet time before the rumble of teens would descend the stairs, hungrier than ever. More pancakes and waffles would disappear as fast as I could make them.

Now with only two teens left (for a few months anyway) the Sunday morning routine has gotten even quieter. Hubby is often working and I make a cup of coffee after taking care of the three dogs and the kitty. I sit down to my computer and catch up on my blog reading while sipping my coffee. The boys will eventually get up and find their way to the kitchen because that is where the coffee is. The sleep over friends are much less frequent as sports, jobs, and schoolwork seems to interfere more these days.

In September, all the kids will be gone. Each off to their own schools and hubby and I will be left alone to cope with the peace and quiet. Luckily the dogs will still be here to love us and the cat will still be here to try and boss us around. I'm not looking forward the quiet. I will look forward the visits home and I will happily cook all the pancakes and waffles they can possibly eat.

Until then, I'll go back to my blog reading and see what wonderful things my quilting friends from around the world have shared this week.



  1. That's the rub. We work really hard to raise our children to become responsible adults and then they become responsible adults. . . . . . and leave.

  2. It will be the same situation for me in septembre Diane....bouh !
    We will wrote and will cry together !! :))))

  3. Great description of Sunday mornings, although these events happened more often on Saturday at our house. It's definitely an adjustment when all the chicks leave the nest...

  4. Thanks for that--I loved reading your post, Diane! More great memories to be made, love and hugs from Bobbi in Germany

  5. I know you will enjoy those remaining at home for a while longer Diane.The empty nest thing didn't hit me for three years, until I retired. Then wham! My husband and I still can't cook for just two...

  6. Yep, it is definitely a change, but one I grew to love and embrace. I love seeing my kids turn into wonderful adults!


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