Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Legend of the Lick Skillet Quilt Guild

Because you have asked where this wonderful name came from, I got the whole story for you and here it is...

Many years ago there was a small town in Alabama that was a frequent stopping point for folks traveling to and from Birmingham. It was a friendly little town that was known for it's hospitality. Hungry and weary travelers always knew they would be shown kindness upon their arrival. Now, the folks in this small town weren't necessarily wealthy, but they were generous. If anyone showed up at their door asking for food, even the most humble folks would say... You are welcome to share what we have, even if that means you can just lick the skillet. So the little town became known as Lick Skillet.

Once the United States Postal Service started delivering mail, they realized there were two towns in Alabama referred to as Lick Skillet, so this town had to choose another mailing address name. But lots of local folks whose families have been in the area for generations still refer to the times of Lick Skillet. The name is often reflected in other ways, even though it's not the official name of the town.

I can attest to the fact that these folks in this area of Alabama definitely are the KINDEST, most GENEROUS and HOSPITABLE people you will ever meet. They took such good care of me and fed me so well and made me laugh until I cried. They make visitors feel like family and they certainly live up to the tradition of their name.

I would like to thank each and every member of the Lick Skillet Guild for the amazing visit I had and I do so hope they will have me back again. This group is so wonderful!

Thanks for everything,


  1. Thanks for the clarification! I love this story and the name!

  2. Great story! And gosh, that little featherweight looks so good surrounded by all the gorgeous modern fabrics. Fun post!

  3. So fun! Great looking projects! The featherweight pic really caught my eye too!

  4. cute story! looks like a nice group!


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