Monday, May 8, 2017

May is a Marathon!

I've often said that the month of May is busier than the month of December, which is saying a lot! But this May feels like a marathon. It's all good but it just seems like I barely have time to complete one task/event before the next one is upon me. Here's a peek at what's happening around here this month...

Kelly moved home from college for the summer. While I am beyond thrilled to have my sweet girl in the house again, her move from a THIRD floor dorm to a second floor bedroom left me feeling like I had been hit by a truck! I love this girl but as  you can see, she does not travel light. Luckily, my sweet little pack rat is all moved in and everything is now in it's place. Whew. The photo was taken on her first morning home. I asked her how she got into her bed and her reply...It wasn't easy mom! See why I'm so glad to have her around? LOL

Then there was PROM. Oh how I love prom with all the beautiful dresses and excitement. I'm happy to report that these two little love birds had a wonderful time! They went with 3 other couples and the girls had a sleepover at one house and the boys at another, then they continued the party the next day at the neighborhood pool. I just adore these kids!

Let's not forget that in midst of all of this, I have been working at the quilt shop, sewing samples, and helping projects meet deadlines. All of this work is what I love, but I do NOT love deadlines. I am pleased to report that I can actually scallop a whole quilt and bind it in a 24 hour period. I even impressed myself with that one!

Next the parties and celebrations will begin because these two boys are GRADUATING from high school this month! I'm so proud of them. I'm sorry they have to take so many AP exams before that happens, but I know they will do their best and because of that, I'm a super proud mom!

Family will be flying in from Arizona and Mimi will arrive from NC for the festivities. We also have friends with graduating seniors that we will happily help celebrate their achievements as well. So the month of May really does feel like a marathon!

Enjoy every celebration!


  1. Phew! Just remember to take a moment to breathe! Enjoy the hard earned success of raising a wonderful family.

  2. My two babies graduated 20 years ago from college and high school which doesn't seem possible. As hard as it is to let them fly, the next stage is wonderful!! Enjoy every second.

  3. what happy busy things you have going on. Love the gradation invitation!

  4. Happy things are happening at your house. I know you treasure these moments.

  5. Oh those teens FUN!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing it all with us. I LOVE IT!

  6. What a lot of wonderful activity. On the plus side, the AP exams are almost over!! Just in time for graduation parties!!!


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