Monday, May 15, 2017

May Mini of the Month

It's finally here! The mini quilt for the month of May. I started the mini of  the month idea a couple of years ago and never got around to making a few of the months, so here is my attempt to fill in the remaining months. The other quilts and pattern links can be found HERE.

While this is not technically a mini quilt, but rather just a small one, I call it "Mini of the Month" because that sounds better than "Little Quilt of the Month". And it's my blog so I get to take liberties like that. 'wink'

When I realized I still had the heart quilt hanging in my front hall that I made for Valentines Day and that the calendar tells me we are almost half way through the month of May, I decided that now was the time to take action! So here goes...

Triple Star Wall Hanging
12'' x 24''
block size 8''

Materials Needed:
Light scraps- 36 squares 2 1/2'' x 2 1/2''
Dark scraps- 48 squares 2 1/2'' x 2 1/2''
Dark scraps for border- 24 squares 2 1/2'' x 2 1/2''
Binding- 5 strips 2 1/4'' x 18''
Batting- 14'' x 26''
Backing- 14'' x 26''
Hanging Sleeve- 3" x 12"

To make each Star block:
Layer a light square and a dark square right sides together.
Mark a diagonal line from corner to corner and sew on that line.
Trim away one side, 1/4'' away from the seam.
Press toward the dark.
Make eight for the star points.
Repeat the steps above with two dark squares.
Make four for the center of the star.
Arrange four center triangle squares, 8 star point squares, and 4 light squares to make the star.
Sew the squares into rows, sew the rows together, Press the seams to one side.

Make 3 Star blocks.
Sew the 3 Star blocks into a row.
Press the seams to one side.

For the Borders:
Sew two rows of 12 dark squares together.
Press the seams to one side.
Sew one row to each side of the quilt top,
Press the seams toward the border strip.

Finish the Quilt:
Layer the quilt, batting and backing and quilt as desired.
This quilt was quilted in the ditch around the stars and along the border.
Bind the quilt using a double fold binding made from the 5 strips cut 2 1/4'' x 18''.
Add a hanging sleeve and press the quilt.

Enjoy your little quilt!


  1. So bright and cheerful - I love it!

  2. Very pretty quilt, I could see this as a table runner or blown up to a full size quilt.

  3. Very sweet! Nice and happy for the month of May!

  4. I always love you choice and combination of colors.

  5. A marvelous May mini. You used so many different fabrics!

  6. I love this bright wall hanging; so cheerful! I have enough scraps to make a table runner for summer. Thanks for the pattern.

  7. That is very adorable! I never met a scrap quilt I didn't like!


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