Sunday, May 21, 2017

Spring Quilt Market 2017

This time last year I was at Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City celebrating the publication of my first book with C&T Publishing. It was a wonderful and thrilling time for me as a quilter and an author but it was a sad time for me as a mother.

I missed out on seeing my sweet girl get her honors at the Senior Honors Night. Hubby dutifully took photos and documented it for me, but it broke a small piece of my heart to not be there.

So this year, I made a deliberate decision to be home for the Senior Honors Night and to enjoy every moment with these boys. I also plan to be at the Track Banquet this afternoon to celebrate again today. Being their mom is the single greatest joy and privilege of my life. I don't want to miss a moment. They will be heading off to start their own college experiences soon enough!

I might have missed Spring Quilt Market this year, but the trade off was totally worth it! And I'm pretty sure I have quite a few more Quilt Markets in my future. I'm already working on that! But for now, I thought I would share some of my favorite market moments via social media...

AURIFIL facebook live video.

This fabric collection.

Maetha's market adventures on Instagram.

Cutest pillow ever!

What were your favorite market moments?


  1. I never made a quilt market... so i just can tell you, i would love to meet designers (fabrics or quilt pattern)!

  2. It's all about priorities! Congrats to the boys!

  3. Hopefully, there'll be another opportunity to get to market, but there won't be another opportunity to celebrate your sons' senior year.

  4. glad you made it this year. It's always hard to make these choices and they are always changing too.

  5. Saw you at the Senior Honors night! I know you are proud of the boys!

  6. Yes, these choices are tough sometimes. Congratulations to your boys! And, Market will be there again next spring!


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