Thursday, May 4, 2017

When I'm not Quilting...

You might think that all I do is sit around and quilt when I'm not working at the local quilt shop, or traveling and teaching guild workshops. You may remember that I also write blog posts and tutorials for Craftsy, but lately I've been guest appearing on the C&T blog as well!

So just in case you missed's my little interview with C&T.

And here's my post about labels on C&T.

And here's my latest tutorial on Craftsy.

And the one before that.

And now that you're totally sick of me, I will go to my sewing room, after all, I just cut out all the pieces for my next quilt and it's calling my name!



  1. You are one busy busy quilter! Great job on all your quilty fun!

  2. NOT 'totally sick' of you! Enjoy reading about your interesting life and fun quilt activities. That latest tutorial looks like something I would like to do soon. I will probably adapt it to small lap size for the hospital. Always looking for ideas for that project.

  3. you really do get around ! good for you for sharing so much of your talents


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