Thursday, June 1, 2017

And the Winners are...

WOW with 55 comments for my 5 give aways on my 5th birthday it was hard to choose but here they are! 
Because she made me laugh the hardest...
Hahaha! I checked out your blog after getting a King Cake baby with the blog URL printed on him!!
Happy blog-birthday and may there be many more!!
And because I said I would give extra points for creativity...
Happy Birthday, Butterfly Threads! I remember finding you as I walked through the woods leading to my back yard one day about 3 years ago. I was looking up through the trees as the sunlight and saw the most beautiful butterfly caught in a tangle of colorful threads. I knew they were my threads because I always set them out in the spring for the birds to add to their nests. (Every bird loves to add a little bling to their nest, right?) Well, those threads must've dropped from a bird's beak and plopped right onto the butterfly as it was in motion. I reached up and carefully pulled each thread until the butterfly was released. She thanked me by flying around my head several times. She was now free to grace the world with her beauty and inspiration. (I also follow on Bloglovin'!)
And then these were randomly chosen from the remaining comments...
I found your blog because I purchased your book.

I found YOU at my mom's guild meeting in N.C. while I was visiting from A labama. Your quilts blew me away , esp those beautiful, colorful selvedge quilts. Been a fan ever since.... Happy 5 years!

I ran across your blog one morning while blog hopping and I'll always feel like that was a happy accident. I've since checked into your blog often and ordered your book. I'm finishing up my second quilt (Detour), which I'm doing in blacks and whites for a friend who is legally blind(she can see high contrast!). I hope to make each quilt pattern from the book. Not only are the patterns up my alley in scrappiness, the patterns themselves are so easy to follow! 

Please know that I loved each and every comment. It motivates me to be a better blogger! I responded to each comment personally unless you are a 'no reply' and then I couldn't reach you. So if you didn't hear back from me you need to check your settings.

Thanks for playing along, following along, and being the reason I happy to share. I'm so glad the internet has made us friends!


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