Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Karen Miller Machine Quilting Class

I was lucky enough to take a wonderful day of two quilting classes with Karen Miller. She taught us about machine quilting using doodling and using her version of "McTavishing" and both were amazing experiences.

As you can see her work is stunning. She's had a LOT of practice, but I am pretty sure there is some natural talent there as well. We enjoyed her explanation of how she came to be slightly obsessed with machine quilting and why she prefers it to patchwork.

I enjoyed doodling for sure! It is just a tiny step away from the free motion machine quilting that is my favorite method of quilting.

The "McTavishing" didn't come as naturally to me, but I really enjoyed exploring the technique. I don't think this will become my 'go to' method of quilting, but I do think the things I learned in class will help me to be a better quilter using other designs.

To learn more about the "McTavishing" visit this website to discover this amazing artist and her work. She's truly awe inspiring.

As for me, I will probably do more of these types of designs, only better, because of the skills I learned.

I also discovered this amazing little tool that really does make a difference! You can get one at your local quilt shop or HERE.

Karen is an amazing teacher and if you ever get a chance to take a class from her PLEASE DO! I promise you won't regret it! You can contact her HERE to inquire about her schedule or hire her to visit your shop or guild.

Thanks Karen!


  1. How fun for you!! Karen is a blogger friend of mine who lives in the area in upstate NY I grew up in. So we've connected on that level too.

  2. Oh I have bought the same slider but never used yet....OK I'm not a machine quilter !
    Maybe one day....
    I'm glad you loved your classes with Karen ! :)

  3. i love the slider - I never take it off.


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