Thursday, June 22, 2017

More Quilt Show and Tell

Seeing the joy on quilters' faces as the work on and finish my designs is the most rewarding part of my quilting experience by far! When a quilter takes a pattern or a design from my book, changes the colors or re-creates it in some way to make it her own unique quilt, I get giddy. I can't even put into words how much joy it brings me to know that I contributed to a fun and positive quilting experience for someone else. The quilt above is a bright cheerful version of Paper Chain found in Scrap Quilt Secrets. 

Recently, my friend Linda made this gorgeous version of my pattern Dreaming In Black and White. Obviously she changed the colors and turned it into a gorgeous beach colored quilt. I love how she alternated the fabrics and colors to create a diagonal effect. She took a totally scrappy design and really added some wonderful structure with her use of fabrics. And the best part? She says she loved the pattern so much that she plans to make it again in another color version. My heart is so happy!

A blog reader recently sent a photo of this gorgeous quilt made from plaid shirts as a memory quilt. She used my pattern Plaid Paws. I love that so many memory quilts have been made from this pattern over the years. It pleases me to know that these will be keepsakes for years to come. That is one of the best benefits of quilting in my opinion.

 I recently taught a workshop on Spring Cleaning. Which is always fun for me to re-visit because it was the very first pattern that I ever wrote! The bright intense colors that Debbie used make it sparkle! I can't wait to see this one finished.

 Wende, a regular at the shop where I work, brought in this ahhhmaaazzzzzing version of Detour from Scrap Quilt Secrets. She swapped the scrappy version for this cool and gorgeous blue and white version. Her workmanship and color choices really impressed me. Thanks Wende for bringing it in to share with me!

Pam is another regular at the shop who I enjoy seeing every week. Her version of Fusion from Scrap Quilt Secrets is a lovely patriotic quilt that will look great year round. I just love quilts that can do double duty for holidays and every day. I just noticed that Windblown Wishes in hanging in the background of the photo. Ha.

I hope you enjoy this little show and share!
Enjoy every stitch,


  1. What fun to see all the different versions of your quilts!

  2. Love scrap quilting and your are wonderful!

  3. What a sweet post. How fun to see the new quilt variations.

  4. I must feel wonderful to see so many people loving and using your book! CONGRATS!!!

  5. Awesome designs that I love the most. These are much impressive and creative as well. Thanks for sharing.
    Emma Charlotte |


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