Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fourth of July Event with Craftsy

Click HERE or on the photo above for all the information you need about the awesome class event at Craftsy this weekend!

Reasons why I highly recommend Craftsy classes:

  1. You can watch them in your pajamas while drinking your coffee.
  2. They are super organized and easy to follow instructions.
  3. You can pause the class and answer the door, cook dinner, pour a glass of wine, etc.
  4. Rewatch it as many times as you like, because it's yours FOREVER.
  5. Ask questions, or go to the question section and read others comments.
  6. Take it at your own pace. One lesson a day, or the whole course in one day!
  7. Hit pause and replay as many times as needed while you practice each step.
  8. Never leave home, never miss a class, never even get dressed!
  9. Where else can you take a whole class for $20?
  10. Did I mention you can wear your pajamas and drink coffee?
I've taken more than a dozen Craftsy classes over the years and NEVER been disappointed. While I will make a tiny commission from each class purchased through this link (thank you!) I promise I recommend this whole heartedly! I would love to hear your comments about Craftsy classes you've experienced in the comments below. 

Now go learn something fun!

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  1. Hmmmmm....I have not tried Craftsy classes. After your post I'm enticed and will let ya know if I do try some. THANKS!!!


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