Friday, July 28, 2017

July Reading List

Like all the novels I've read by Lisa See, I couldn't put this one down. I enjoyed the characters and the story line so much. It could have been very predictable, but it wasn't and I think that's what I liked best about it. Read every book by Lisa See, you will be glad you did!

This book is by the author of "A Man Called Ove" which I enjoyed very much and would highly recommend, but keep tissues handy as it was so very endearing and touching. However, Britt Marie was on the other end of the spectrum completely. I laughed out loud so  many times and I laughed until I cried a few times. This woman was hysterical without ever knowing it, and that's what made her so lovable. She was a woman safely ensconced in her own world with no will power of her own to make any decisions. Through a turn of events, she found herself creating a new life and having so much more of an impact on those around her than she ever could have imagined. Read this book right now!! I will probably put this book at the top of my most memorable of the summer.

This was also a very quirky and off beat woman but she had a whole different dynamic going on. She was carrying around a ton of emotional baggage and kept getting herself into trouble without really meaning to. I loved this book and the daughter was such a wonderful character as well. This is a great summer read.

This is the first book I've read by this author and I will definitely be on the lookout for her other books. The style of writing is one I really like. The chapters are told by different characters and there are flashback chapters and current chapters. I like the way it really paces the story and the characters are all interesting and easy to feel for. I haven't finished this book but only have a few chapters left. I would highly recommend it!

The Secret Chord

I've loved every other book I've read by this author, but this one really is hard for me to follow. It's the story of the people around King David in his early life and the characters and places all use their Hebrew names which is super confusing and hard to follow for me. I sort of gave up and will probably turn this one back into the library before I finish it. I had to say that because I loved her books The Year of Wonders, March, Caleb's Crossing and The People of the Book.

And this book doesn't come out until August 8th but I can promise you I will be reading it the moment it does. I have been addicted to Philippa Gregory since I read the first novel by her The Other Bolyn Girl. As an historical fiction lover, I think her books are by far my favorite, closely followed by Ken Follett's series beginning with The Pillars of the Earth

I've added some of your book recommendations to my wish list at the library (thank you!) and I always look forward to hearing what you are reading in the comments. I hope you are enjoying some great summer reads this year!

Enjoy every book!


  1. thanks for the book reviews I've read them all except for the last 2. I've read almost all of Phillipa's books - they are all great as well as Brooks - great stories.
    happy reading
    I'm reading Behind Closed Doors - its' creepy but good

  2. Thanks for the great recommendations! I've read several of these authors, but none of these titles.

  3. Love your recommendations! I'm reading the Baker's Daughter right now which you may have mentioned in a blog post.


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