Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer Star Scrappy Sew Along Step 3

If you are tired of making nine patches from strips, this week is good news for you! We are making nine patches from squares and half square triangles instead! LOL We are going to make nine patches the old fashioned way this time. But we don't have nearly as many to make as we did last week and the week before, so don't worry! And as always, this is NOT a race. Work at your own pace and enjoy using up those scraps. If you are just joining the fun you'll want to check out the first two steps.

Link to Step 1

Link to Step 2

To make the triangle squares (or half square triangles) layer a background strip and a star fabric strip RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.

Trim the ends with a clean cut. Then place any 45 degree ruler on the strip pair as shown. If you don't have a 45 degree ruler, I recommend this one but any brand will do. I have several and use them all!

After making the first cut, rotate the ruler and cut again, then continue rotating and cutting.

This is a great time to use up some of the leftover strips and shorter strips as I did here.

Make 108 triangle squares.
Cut 108 star squares.
Cut 108 background squares.

You will need three of each to make a block. Arrange the square as shown above and sew them into three rows of three.

Sew the rows together.

Make 36 split nine patches.

Please take photos of your progress and share in the linky party below! I love to see your colors and fabrics. Thanks for playing along and happy sewing!



  1. Love seeing all your delightful scraps coming together

  2. these are so so awesome cant wait to see how mine looks all together......


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