Tuesday, July 18, 2017

When Pumpkins become Apples

I had hoped to share the finished quilt today but that isn't going to happen for a whole lot of reasons. But I can share some sneak peeks...

By swapping red strips for the orange strips, pumpkins become apples! Viola!!

Then by swapping out some of the block colors, Halloween becomes Autumn.

I'm only making one quarter of the quilt blocks, then making some minor adjustments to the setting and the big quilt becomes a table topper. I'm pretty sure I'll never get tired of playing with these blocks and trying new combinations.

The Pumpkin Quilt Pattern can be found HERE. And the digital downloads are still on sale for $5 through the end of July. Simply enter HIGHFIVE in the coupon code to get the discount on any download pattern in the shop.

Thanks so much!


  1. I saw the apples & pumpkins picture on IG (from Tiny Stitches) and thought it was a cute and clever idea!

  2. It's magic Diane ! Et...voilàààà :)

  3. Your quilt is really cool ! Reminds of a "Trail Mix" pattern I really like.


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