Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Little Summer Fun

We've been having a crazy fun summer around here. It's been so busy it's hard to keep track of all the stuff that is happening and who's going where and when. But I do have a little photo evidence of some of the things that are going on. First of all, I made the kids pose in their school shirts yesterday. They thought I was being silly, but I love this photo of them even if it's just a quick snap, it shows their happy personalities. They are all excited about school starting soon. Me, not so much...

Bill took the boys on a quick 'last blast of summer trip' to Cedar Point. They rode roller coasters non-stop for two days. I'm pretty sure that is their idea of heaven. They had some pretty funny stories to tell when they got home too.

We also went to eat dinner during David's last work shift of the summer, so he was able to make our dinner. It was delicious and it was so fun to see him in action.

When the house is full of kids, pancakes are inevitable. We made lots of pancakes and the fresh blueberries made them even more delicious.

David went on an overnight trip to NC with his new roommate to a band competition. They apparently had a great time and David thinks his new roommate is going to be just fine. So it's nice to not have to worry about that at least.

Kelly wanted to celebrate her birthday early so David could be here. He leaves soon and will miss her actual birthday. So we had a fun dinner at her favorite restaurant with a few friends then came home to cake. This girl always knows how to have fun, but I love it when her laughter fills the house. It makes me so happy.

And besides the summer sew along that you may have noticed (kinda shocked by how many thousands of views those posts are getting, dang!) I've also made this little apple quilt from the Pumpkin pattern elements. It will be a free download very soon, but you will need the pattern for all the details. Think of it as a "Buy one, get one free" deal. Besides, it's not like I've had time to write a whole 'nother pattern.

Speaking of patterns, there is exciting stuff in the works! I have had some great news from some important people and things are really going to get quilty around here in September. It's my plan to sew so much that I won't notice how much I am missing my kids. Do you think it will work? And I've already made a few quilts that are going to be revealed in due time. I absolutely hate keeping secrets, but that seems to be unavoidable at times.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you are new around here, I would love to hear from you!
Enjoy every stitch!


  1. Love the school shirt photo. What neat kids. As far as sewing enough to keep from missing them too much.... that might be a LOT of sewing. However, I'm sure it will be a help. Speaking from experience here. :-)

  2. Sounds like a nice summer wrap up, the way it should be. And congratulations on what sounds like the beginning of another great book? Or online class? Anyway, you will appreciate not having to cook dinner with the kids out of the house, and hopefully with your sewing distractions you won't miss them quite so much. It's a double edge sword...nice to have them, nice to have them safely tucked away, doing what they're supposed to be doing, while you enjoy the empty nest!!!

  3. What a fun post. Can't wait to see some of your new surprises. 😍 You are going to fill those hours with lots of wonderful things.

  4. I would like to wish (pray) that each of those 3 beautiful young people have a great and successful fun year--with lots of neat adventures--
    and you a year of great sewing projects to keep you busy--( and some neat blog post for us to read)
    enjoy the moments, di

  5. I'm so excited to hear your "secret" news! Fun times with the family!! I'm sure sewing will help a lot!

  6. It seems like your boys grew up overnight! Lots of happy smiles! Looking forward to your next quilty adventure. LOVE your apple quilt! CUTE

  7. what summer fun you're having.
    exciting news? tell us more!

  8. It' was a great summer with your sons and girl! here, it was great too!


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