Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Freshman Orientation

I've spent several days of each of the past two weeks attending freshman orientation. As you know, my boys will be leaving me soon and my nest will be empty. I am beyond distraught. I know they will be fine, I'm just not sure how well I'm going to cope. Sniffle.

David will be attending the University of Georgia. He is planning to study computer science and is excited to start! His orientation was last week and while we almost melted, it was a fun couple of days and he was able to meet his new roommate for the first time.

We enjoyed a meal at the new dining hall near his dorm and the food selection, taste and quality were as impressive as the views.

He was pleased to discover the milk shake bar where you can get any custom milk shake made to order. Yum!

Then we visited his dorm room and took all of the necessary measurements so I can custom make curtains for the closets, etc. As wonderful as the food and cafeteria is, the dorm is just slightly better than a prison cell. (I wish I was kidding.) I am so glad he's not as distraught about his living conditions as I am!

This week I did a repeat performance at Virginia Tech with Danny. The weather was beautiful and the temperature was warm but far cooler than at UGA.

We learned really fast that we are going to need to send LOTS of quarters with Danny. They require quarters for parking and for laundry! (Laundry is included at no extra charge at UGA and Berry thankfully!)

We were able to visit Danny's room and take all of the measurements, etc. It was exciting to see that he will be in a suite style dorm (I'm sure he's so disappointed that all of the least expensive dorms were filled by the time his room selection time slot was available! LOL) He hasn't met his roommate yet because he is an international student and won't arrive for another couple of weeks.

While NOT fancy, it's a bit better than the prison grade dorms at UGA. This is his suite room that he shares with four other rooms (total 10 boys). They also have five sinks, two large coat closets, and two showers and bathrooms to share among them.

Here is my sweet boy standing below is dorm room. He's on the second floor! I'm so excited that we have one on the first floor, one on the second, and one on the third to move in and out this year. And two of those dorms have elevators! Woohoo.

The Virginia Tech campus is beautiful, and I sat here while I waited for Danny to register. I'm certain he's going to love going to school here. I do wish it was a little closer to home though.

These boys are so ready to go to college. And I'm sure they are going to love it as much as their sister does, but I'm going to miss having all of them at home with me. What will I do with all of the time that I won't be doing their laundry?

I would appreciate any encouragement you have to offer,


  1. Jack is in Oglethorpe second floor! It's four boys in two rooms with a shared bath so not that bad. We have not met his roomie but he is from Swanee so a local boy. I'm having a hard time with him leaving but am filled with pride all at the same time! Hang in mom!

  2. Dear Diane, this is life ! I know your sons very happy to continue their studies there so, you have to be happy too ! You know I am in the same situation than you but I am very proud for my children (and I know you are too ) ! And positive point, they stay in Georgia !
    And we have internet and cell phones to stay in touch !
    Big hugs my friend ! Thinking of you a lot :)

  3. That had to have been a hard but exciting few weeks! I'm glad you are working a bit now so that should help with the empty nest. Hugs to you! XOXOX

  4. This is a new and exciting time for your children! There will be times when you miss them intensely, but there will be many more that you are okay with them not being around. There are also benefits. Less housework! No more nagging! You'll get through it. It does get easier over time.

  5. It will be fine--just like it has been for your daughter. They are also close enough to visit! My daughter has to pay to do laundry too, but they use their expense cards not quarters. It is like $2.50 a load which seems really high when it is a $70,000 a year school. They actually have a laundry service that starts at $850 a semester which I guess many of the wealthy kids don't bat an eye at. We are so fortunate that she is on almost a full academic scholarship!

  6. I believe that you will be so busy designing, quilting, reading and such that it won't be as hard as you think it will be--and if you get too lonely--adopt a pet--if you don't already have one--that will keep you busy that is for sure!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  7. It's really hard at first but you really do get over it pretty fast. I think the silence is the hardest......Honestly, when I left home so many years ago, long distance phone calls cost a small fortune. These days you can call, text, FaceTime, skype, it's really easy to send a note or thought. You will be fine

  8. The lack of kids in the house (your own and all their friends!) is disconcerting at first, but life will step in and fill the void. The plus side is watching them mature into amazing adults!

  9. I totally understand as my last of three boys is leaving for college. He is playing football and just left on the 2nd. I've been focused on children for last 30 years. I will definitely be at loose ends for a while

  10. You will manage, but it is not easy. I sent my 18 year old off to the United States Marine Corps, which wasn't easy and I survived too. It does give you a chance to be you, and not just a Mom, but there is also the wonderful times when they come home for a visit and you can revel in motherhood again.

  11. It's so hard, but so worth it! I just kept telling myself that they need a chance to grow up and this helps them move forward with life! You'll make it, I promise.:)

  12. What an exciting time for you all. Can't say it wasn't hard for me or my girls when they all started their college careers, but watching them grow and spread their wings is a marvelous thing. Hugs to you.

  13. Oh gosh...right...the laundry! I think I do five loads a week now and THAT includes towels and sheets!! Oh it's a long adjustment....have faith that you've given them the foundations to grown into young adults. And listen openly.


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