Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Nest is Empty

I'm not going to lie, tears have been shed. This house is way too quiet. The day I've been dreading has finally come. We delivered David to UGA on August 9th, Kelly to Berry College on August 19th and Danny to Virginia Tech on August 24th.

Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly proud of each of them. They are such hard workers and earned wonderful grades, amazing scholarships, and lots of AP credit hours to bring into college with them. Without their hard work and dedication, financing three in college at one time would be so much harder. It is still daunting, but knowing that they've earned more than half of their combined tuitions through their efforts, really makes writing these checks an honor rather than a chore.

I know they are going to have wonderful, unique experiences, and for that I am so thankful! David has already joined the running club at UGA. His first text to me announced that the waffles in the dining hall had the "G" logo in the middle and were delicious! LOL Kelly is already loving her work at the equestrian center and is thrilled to see how much the foals have grown over the summer. Danny called to say he and two friends from his suite had gone to the gym for an evening workout and they saw a skunk on the way home. I KNOW THEY WILL BE FINE. It's me I'm not so sure about it.

There is a lot to keep me busy instead of focusing on how eerily quiet it is around here. I have my teaching schedule, work at the quilt shop, and the publication of my patterns. And most exciting, as of Thursday (phone meeting in the car while driving to Virginia) I have a new book to work on! The schedule is going to be tight, but I am so ready to share with the world all the fun things I've been busy dreaming up!!

And I want to send my sincere appreciation to all of you who have been so supportive during this emotional transition. The hugs, kind words, tissue and bottles of wine are sustaining me!

My nest is empty but my heart is full!


  1. Just wait until the holidays and the house will be filled with their voices again and you won't be able to stop smiling. But until then it sounds like you have some exciting projects to work on.

  2. So we'll said. And to every mom who has seen that last child fly, we are all members of the same club. Congrats on your new book. How exciting. This next stage of life is wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing how it unfolds for you.

  3. {hugs} It would be tough to have three kids away at college at the same time. Looks like you have your plate full with plenty of exciting opportunities to keep you busy.

  4. I so know what you are going through--the quiet in the empty nest is deafening! I am so excited for you about another book and I would love to test patterns for you or help in any way you need--so exciting!

  5. I wish I were close enough to share a bottle of wine in celebration! Congrats on your children's growth and adventures...but on yours as well. You got this!

  6. Ah, a bittersweet time indeed. So glad during these stages that quilting can keep our hands busy while our hearts and minds race around.

  7. Oh Diane...I drove my son this morning to the station...he starts today (yes, on Sunday !) his new student life in a military school and in a week, my second teen will leave our home too ! As we wrote together a few weeks ago, we are leaving the same I totally understand you !
    But I'm proud of them and very happy for them ! And I'm sure you are too !
    Oh and congratulations for your next book ! Woo hoo !
    Big hugs !

  8. To everything there is a season...wishing you strength and grace and FUN! Congrats on the book - staying busy is the best way to deal with troubles!

  9. As they say, "when one door closes, another door opens". If you focus on your new opportunities, the months will fly by and the kids will be home for a visit. Best wishes to the whole family on your new endeavors.

  10. The day we dropped our youngest off at college I cried all the way home. Once you get used to a quiet house it is really wonderful. Congratulations on the next phase of you life and happy sewing!


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