Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Excuses, Excuses

Where have I been and why has this little blog been more quiet than usual? Here are my excuses...

I've been getting this all negotiated and signed and the new book will be out Christmas of 2018!

(when pumpkins become apples!)

I've been planning and prepping the fun Pumpkins in the Patch Retreat for Tiny Stitches at the end of the month. I have all kinds of surprises up my sleeve for this one!

I've been packing and unpacking and repacking for trunk shows and teaching. Some local, some not quite local but looking forward to a fun road trip this weekend to Statesboro, GA.

I've been playing with loads of new goodies from Craftsy in hopes of getting a post ready for them soon. Thankfully, I have the sweetest editor ever and she is so patient with me.

I've been reading some good books into the wee hours of the night. I find it's better to keep my mind occupied than to think about how much I am missing my kiddos who are all off at college. Speaking of those kiddos...

I've been sewing secret projects for them to send in their care packages. I doubt they read this blog but I don't want to ruin it just in case. I have a goal of one small package per kid per month. So far, so good, and yes, I realize we are only on month one. LOL

The empty nest transition has not been so smooth I'm sad to admit. Hubby is gone more nights than he is home because of work, so it's me and all the fur babies. They do make me laugh daily, which I am so thankful for! The kids are awesome about texting, snapping and sending photos, which helps tremendously. But this house is so empty and quiet without them. I miss their friends too! So while it might seem like I am busy with my hands and my head, my heart is aching. Even the dogs miss them!

I know I am beyond blessed to have three happy, thriving college students who are going to be so successful, but like all mommas, I just wish I could have kept them longer. I'm trying so hard to embrace this new chapter in my life while they are embracing their new chapters. I'm trying to be brave, I really am. If I'm being honest though, it's hard.

(Danny went on a road trip to King's Dominion last weekend!)

We have a family weekend planned in October to look forward to! We are all meeting at Carowinds to have some awesome roller coaster riding and together time, just the 6 of us (Danny's girlfriend is joining us as well!) So I'm looking forward to that!

I hope to have some real quilts to show you soon!


  1. That empty nesting thing is HARD. I'm busy busy busy but then I go home and it's me and my husband or if he's traveling just me. All this glorious TIME and...I miss them. As you have done, we set up 'trips' so we could meet up and have fun! It's getting better!

  2. It's never easy, but be thankful they aren't serving in a war zone--that's worry! My youngest grandson (now 6) was born while his Daddy was in Afghanistan. You're doing good and it does get easier....and one day you'll be rewarded with grandchildren! They are the best!

  3. It looks like you are doing all the right things by keeping busy. Having that book to get ready will give you a focus. It's okay to miss the kids and at least they are all close enough to make get togethers possible.
    I love the pumpkins turned apples quilt.

  4. Congratulations on another book deal! That's exciting news.

  5. Like you, being a mom is one of the best "jobs" I've had...okay it's been the best...which makes that darn empty nest sonhard. HANG IN THERE!!!!! Thinking of you.....V

  6. I'm sure they'll love the goodie boxes from home! My son is getting ready to move out (after visiting for a few months)and I know our dogs will be looking for them!!

  7. Haha! kinda figured you were getting ready for the next book! So sorry about your empty, empty house, but think of the quilting time. I am sooooo jealous! But yeah, it's hard. The goodie boxes sound like a real winner!

  8. My sons grow up so fast too! I hope you some good moments together!


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