Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Behind the Scenes...

If you ever wondered what 'writing a quilting book' looks like behind the scenes, here's a sneak peek at what's going on around here.

 After the book is proposed, with all the paperwork and information that goes along with it, the wait begins. Once the go ahead from the publisher is received, then the real work starts!

 First, I get a binder to collect all of the paper and supplies that will be my constant companion for the next few months, then I print off the quilt spreadsheet that has boxes for each stage of completion, so I know what needs to be done in the sewing room.

You will see that the colored pencils and ruler are in a handy little zip case along with a very big eraser. Think of the eraser as the seam ripper of this project. It gets more use than I wish it did, but I'm so thankful for it! It means I only go through one pack of graph paper instead of two!

Then I add the proposal, the outline, and the photos. These documents keep me on track and help me see the 'big picture' at a glance.

Then I start creating the image log. This is a record of every photo and illustration that will be in the book. Each one must be labelled and cross referenced in order with where each of these are to appear in the manuscript. The key to this is making sure you don't forget anything and that you are explaining to people you never meet how exactly to take the photos or draw the diagrams.

There are lots of pages to this log. I am at over 100 entries and counting. It is very tedious and time consuming, but critical to getting the details correct.

Then I get to color with the pencils. Every step of every diagram must be drawn to scale on graph paper. And labeled with pieces, pressing directions and numbers to be made.

And then the piecing diagrams for the blocks and the quilts must be drawn and placement of blocks, colors and pressing directions again added.

Notice anything missing to the process? That's right, the making of the actual quilts!! Because that's the easy part. I only have two more quilts to make. Woohoo!

But before I start sewing, I have to some more drawing and coloring to do!.



  1. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Incredibly time consuming for you, but greatly appreciated by those reading your book/pattern. Fascinating.

  3. I've been keeping up on your blog but not always commenting....but it's fun to get a peek at the publishing process. THANKS! (Glad you had a great visit with the kids too...empty nest gets worse before it gets better. :)

  4. So much work! I can tell that it helps you to be super organized and your dedication is very inspiring.:)

  5. oh, you are organized!! Very interesting process!


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