Monday, October 23, 2017

The fancy life of a traveling quilt teacher...

I'll be visiting the quilters of the West Georgia Quilt Guild again tomorrow. It's a great guild that hosted me a couple of years ago. I am excited to see what they've been up to since my last visit.

They will have some international visitors with them and we are all going to tour the Southeastern Quilt & Textile Museum before the meeting. I'm so excited to be a part of this experience. Meeting quilters is by far the best perk of being a 'Traveling Quilt Teacher'.

But just so you don't think my life is all glamour and glitz, let me share with you what happens before and after all the fun...

The Day Before Travel

1. Gather copies of contracts and paperwork
2. Map the route and program the GPS, fill the car with gas
3. Get the change fund and items for cc charges
4. Restock the inventory of patterns, books and templates
5. Sort, refold, and repack the quilts for the trunk show
6. Quilt stand and quilt for hanging (so folks don't have to look at me!)
7. Pack personal travel bag if staying overnight
8. Secure pet sitters if necessary
9. Load the car and double check the list!

The Day of Travel

1. Check schedule and set alarms on phone for all departure times
2. Check traffic reports (this is the metro Atlanta area!) Plan alternate route if needed.
3. Leave early just in case...

The Day After

1. Unpack, sort and store quilts, stand, inventory, and sales supplies!
2. Check schedule and answer emails.
3. Send a thank you email to the hosting guild.
4. Order more inventory as needed.
5. Rest, and get excited about the next trip!

Now, I have to finish a shop sample before I leave...
No pressure, no pressure at all. LOL


  1. All that aside, it's a blast! I say Pinch Me, when I get to share my quilts and quilting history with others. It can be stressful, but check lists keep me on track! How about you?

  2. Sounds like a lot of work, but I bet you like it too much to not do this any more. I hope I will be in the area again some day to follow one of your lessons or visit with a guild where there's something fun to do.
    What is your favorite class to teach?? And what are you most asked for??
    Hope you'll have a great time in Atlanta! Drive safe!

  3. Yep that sounds like my routine too. have fun


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