Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Houston Quilt Market 2017, the shopping

The first question I always get asked after I get home from Quilt Market is...What did you get???
I didn't make it to sample spree this year, sadly, but I did find a few things to purchase on the show floor at the 'pop up shops'. I am so happy that the fabric companies are doing this now for those of us in the industry that miss sample spree and can't stay for festival.

I bought lots of luscious threads for hand quilting. I bought a book by Sue Spargo (to add to my collection because she is a quilting hero of mine!) I also picked up the last copy of a book from Quiltmania.

But you want to know about the fabric don't you? I did buy three bundles. I had to choose wisely because I bought the cheapo airfare that didn't include checked luggage, so I knew I had to carry on everything! I snagged two bundles from Windham, including the super cute new Sarah Fielke line called WordPlay and another bundle called Foundation by Shayla Wolf. And I got the very last bundle of Horizons by Kathy Doughty from Free Spirit.

I am still just admiring this lovely loot, I haven't actually unwrapped the fabrics yet. I'm trying make this experience last as long as possible. LOL

Image 1

I also ordered a few interesting books from C&T and will share those when they arrive. I'm really excited about this new book my Maria Shell.


  1. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing your inspiring loot with us!

  2. Looks great. I have Maria's book, but I'm saving it for vacation. That way I will actually read it instead of getting sidetracked by pulling out fabric after the first chapter!

  3. Do you have any clothes in that bag??? LOL


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