Thursday, January 11, 2018

2017 Review and Highlights

Before we get too far into the new year let's review the 'goals' I set for 2017 and see how I did...

1. READ more books.

SUCCESS! I read (and listened to) more books this year than I ever have.

2. NAP. 

I managed a few but not nearly as many as I had hoped for. Life happened instead.


Again, I enjoyed my bike during the summer, but never found enough time when the weather wanted to cooperate. I'm going to try harder this year.

4. FAMILY AND FRIENDS will get priority on my calendar over work or 'stuff'.

FAILURE. I wrote another book and that sort of consumes all day every day for too many days. Sigh. I am going to give this a renewed effort this year for sure!


I didn't make it to the beach this year but I did go to LONDON with my daughter and we had an amazing time!! So I will happily skip the beach this year.

Results: 1 success, 3 'needs improvement' and 1 'better than I hoped for' so there you have it. Pretty sure I'll just skip that whole "Resolution/Goal Setting" crap this year and get on with life.

However, there were lots of HIGHLIGHTS in 2017 and I put together a list of the top 12 again. See last year's HERE

1. Tiny Stitches Retreat

2. Falcons Playoff Game with the boys


4. My Boys Graduated from High School

5. Summer Star Sew Along

6. Check me out on Checkers!

7. Empty Nest

8. Teaching Trips

9. Carowinds with the boys!

10. My 1st trip to Houston Quilt Market

11. Snowstorms to begin and end the year

12. Some seriously good reading happened along the way when I wasn't doing this...

While 2017 was an exhausting year with a LOT of difficult transitions, it was also filled with quite a few special moments and big joys. I am still struggling with #7 but I have a great support system. Maybe 2018 will surprise us all!

I hope this will be your best year yet!


  1. Wow, you have had quite a year. I'd say it sounds like a success to me. And, don't worry about the empty nest thing. I really does get easier and then you find you are anxiously awaiting grandchildren!

  2. Actually what a year it has been for you!!The joy when the kids come home make up a little for them being gone. May 2018 bring you many reached goals!

  3. it looks like a great year to me!

  4. What a wonderful year. 2018 will surely be as great.


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