Monday, January 8, 2018

Handmade Quilted Gifts

This past holiday was filled with lots of handmade quilted gifts! I had a wonderful time making as well as receiving them. These bowl cozies were given to all of my friends in my bee group. I used a pattern similar to this one and this one.

I used this infinity scarf pattern to make scarves for my mom and all the college age girls in my family. It was fun pairing the flannels and trims and colors to suit each one. My mom loves blue and white so that was an easy choice, and Danny's girlfriend got VT hokie colors. The others were just fun combinations that hopefully will be enjoyed by the girls.

Before Christmas, I sent pillow cases in each of the kids care packages. I make these pillow cases in fun fabrics to celebrate every holiday and season. They are much more popular with my daughter than with my boys. My boys think they are silly, but they've had me for a mom for 19 years so they are used to it by now.

I treated myself to this quilted pendant from the very talented Julie at her webstore. I have several in traditional quilt blocks, a few holiday charms, and even a pair of earrings. I might be slightly addicted to this jewelry but it makes me so happy to see a tiny package from Julie in the mail.

My sweet friend Anne made wool mitten ornaments for each person in our bee group. She did such a lovely job and doesn't it look adorable on my Christmas tree?

My bee group friends are also talented in the kitchen. Every year I look forward to Darlene's Sugared Pecans and Anne's Baked Granola. These recipes are similar to the ones they use. Please don't just that the pecan jar is empty, I couldn't wait long enough to take the photo before eating them. 

My sweet friend Mary Ruth made each of us a Valentine Mini Quilt from a panel of pre-printed valentines. They are darling with hand quilting and sweet fabric combinations. It's going to be the first valentine I hang as soon as the Christmas decor comes down. That's right, I still haven't done that huge task yet, but I have good excuses I promise!

I hope you enjoyed some handmade goodness this holiday season too!
What's the best handmade gift you've given or received?
I would love to hear all about them in the comments.



  1. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Glad that you love your tree pendant - I think the little pine cones are so cute. I like to make handmade gifts (and of course, it's great to be on the receiving end too!). This year I gave away 3 quilts. I also always make a holiday ornament for each member of the family - similar to your tree pendant - something different every year. Now if I could just plan ahead a little more - time flies by so quickly and it seems like Christmas always sneaks up on me!

  2. Such sweet handmade gifts! They are so thoughtful and from the heart!!

  3. I enjoyed looking at all your handmade gifts and they are all so pretty. The soup copies are the next on my list to make. Thank you for sharing.

  4. So glad that I found your blog. I downloaded the microwave bowl cozy that you posted at Craftsy. I do have one question about the size of the fabric and batting. Would the tutorial still work if I used a layer cake and resized the batting to nine and a half inches? I have a lot of layer cakes and using them would be easier than cutting yardage.


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