Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Frenzy

This month has been packed with all kinds of adventures! I have had a little trouble keeping up with blogging this month because...

I had a visit from this boy and together we went to see this girl ride in a horse show at Berry College where she got a 2nd place ribbon! So proud of her, and so fun to see her ride western after so many years of riding hunter/jumper. And secretly relieved that she and the horse stay on the ground the whole time!

Buddy decided to go on an adventure while hubby and I were both away at work. His nickname is 'dogdini' because he can escape our most elaborate attempts at keeping him enclosed. Apparently a large backyard with food/water/shade and plenty of places to roam with his brother and sister are unsatisfactory is his opinion.

We got a call from a local pizza delivery boy telling us he had Buddy. He found him wandering the streets (the rain shorted out the electric fence). He had been turned over to some neighbors who were looking for us. The neighborhood facebook page is now pretty much a daily diary of Buddy's escapades. He's more trouble than you would think!

I got a special delivery on Valentine's Day. I can promise you that this is the first valentine present I've ever gotten that required an 18 wheeler for delivery!

As of yesterday, it was set up and running. I'm going to have so much fun with this. It's a total game changer! And you think I got lots of quilts made before? LOL

Image result for mississippi state sign

I had a fun trip to Mississippi and I'm headed back tomorrow to visit another guild! I am so excited to share a couple of fun days with them.

And March is looking like it's going to be quite the adventure as kids are coming home for spring break!!!

I'll also be visiting SC twice for guild workshops. If you would like me to visit your guild, just print out this brochure and give it to your guild program people. I have a few dates available at the end of this year and I'm booking next year quickly! 

Enjoy everything,


  1. Oh my goodness--kids and events and ribbons-always fun times-
    and what a wonderful Valentine gift--lots of happy hours gonna be happening sittin at that machine--
    and spring break--sounds like it will home sweet home for the whole family-
    not that doggie--needs something---just not sure what to keep him home--maybe a lady friend!!!!!!!!!
    enjoy, di

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh you are going to have so much fun and WE are going to be so inspired I'm sure. I love your quilt cabinet....I'm on the hunt for one like that. :)

  3. Staying busy definitely helps alleviate Empty Nest blues - hope you're enjoying all the fun!

  4. Oh no, Buddy! That can be scary, but i'm glad the neighbors help out.
    Your quilting machine! EECK! So excited for you!!


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