Tuesday, March 6, 2018

February Reading List

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This was another good book from one of my favorite authors. I liked it because it kept me guessing until the very end about some of the details. I also liked the characters and the story line. I will warn that it is the story of a woman who has been brutally attacked and how her life evolved after the event. It was a bit confusing at times when the childhood story line and the adult story line didn't seem to mesh for me in places. But I am glad I read it and I would recommend it.

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I will admit I didn't finish this one. I ran out of time before book club was to meet, but I read all but the last few chapters. I loved the main character but the ending (according to book club reports) was a bit twisted and confusing. If  you like strong, funny and bit quirky female characters, you might really enjoy this one. I'll be interested in your feedback if  you choose to read it.

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My favorite book this month. It was the story of a woman who goes back home and faces the consequences of her past. There are lots of good characters and plot twists. The story kept me wanting to come back for more, and I liked the ending. I like a book that keeps me curious, and this one did!

I would love your recommendations and I have put several of them from last month on my list. Thanks for sharing.


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  1. THANKS! I just put All The Missing Girls on order. I finished up Force of Nature by Jane Harper and Cooking for Picasso by Camille Aubray. Both of them very good! Enjoy MARCH!!!

  2. thanks for the receommendations


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