Monday, March 26, 2018

Free Cactus Pincushion Pattern

Oh my gosh! I totally forgot to share this fun little cactus pincushion pattern with y'all! I made this little project for the Tiny Stitches Retreat back in January and planned to share it with you later...and later never happened, so it's happening now! Click HERE for the pattern with instructions.

EDIT: Sorry for the confusion. I have directly linked to the instructions using the link above. The document is upside down, just turn the paper after you've printed it. :) Thanks!

And here are the steps...

Cut the six rectangles of fabric 4" x 5". Layer them in pairs, right sides together. Trim the corners off at the top. This will not show, so precision is not important. I just eye balled it, but you can trace the trace the template on the pattern. Now sew each pair together, using a 1/4'' seam allowance. Do not sew across the bottom of the rectangle, this is left open for stuffing. You may want to shorten your stitch length as these will be stuffed later.

Turn each of the three sewn pairs right side out and smooth the seams. Again, these will be stuffed later, so don't worry too much. Layer the three units on top of one another. Fold the top one in half lengthwise and crease the fold. This fold line will be your stitching line. Sew the three together along the fold line, back stitching at the ends of the seams to secure.

This is what your cactus will look like before stuffing. Stuff each of the six sections about half way, then continue by filling them full. Take several large stitches at the bottom to close the sections and pull them tight together. This part will not show, so making it sure it will not come apart is more important than making it pretty.

Hot glue the cactus to the small pot or saucer. Decorate the top of the cactus with small yoyo flower or just a tiny yoyo. Add sequins or beads as you wish to decorate you pincushion. And don't forget to share your photos with me when you finish!



  1. You found the perfect cactus fabric!

  2. super cute ! my daughter would love this.

  3. Oh my goodness! It is so cute!

  4. Oh Lordy if these are the cutest pincushions! Hey "Pincushions" in coming up for our Tuesday Archives theme....I noticed you've made me your favorite as I'd love to highlight it for our April 17th linky! V:)

  5. I'm printing out the pdf and pinning it by my sewing machine. I've got to make this! So cute!

  6. Awesome tute! Quick build, great gift!

    The hand screened-printed fabric and cotton balls I used made it more of a crafty sculpture than a pincushion, but the person I made it for doesn't really sew anyway, LOL!


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