Monday, March 19, 2018

Hello Monday

Hi there! It's me again. Sorry for disappearing on you all last week I have some good excuses, so here goes...

My kids were home from college for Spring Break! They didn't all have the same week off but it did overlap for one weekend and we went to Six Flags for the opening day. We had a wonderful time and rode roller coasters and laughed and ate way too much crappy food.

We also went out to dinner a couple of times and took in some movies and generally just 'hung out' around the house. It was beyond wonderful to spend time with the kids and their friends.

And there was the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show that featured the amazing travelling exhibit on the National Parks.

BINDING! I quilted five quilts on my new Amara longarm this week and now I have oodles of binding to do. This whole long arm experience involves a HUGE learning curve, but I am determined. I've spent way too many hours standing at the longarm determined to figure out what needs to happen. I plan to conquer this thing...

I got in a car wreck. Technically, I was just driving on the highway minding my own business when someone ran into my passenger side door, knocked me off the road, then managed to hit me a second time as I tried to recover. The good news is that I am okay. I was terrified and very shaken up, and the other driver was unhurt as well. The 'good news' is that my car only needs two new doors and some body work. That's right, my new car that I've had less than a year! Sniffle. The other car had to be carried away, it couldn't even be towed. It was a total goner.

Getting hit at 70 miles per hour in the middle of rush hour traffic is a scary experience, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I find myself much more aware of 'impending disaster' now when I am driving than I did before the accident.

I got some new templates made! My template man retired and I found myself in search of a new source. So I did what any professional would do and I ask on Facebook. LOL My friend David recommended another local friend who did an amazing job. Check out his work here. Thanks for stepping up and being wonderful to work with in a pinch! I'll be using Paul for all my future template needs.

Not to mention, my sweet friend Helga did an awesome job on the new patterns! They will be in the shop by the end of the week.

Speaking of this week...
Image result for greater atlanta shop hop

The Greater Atlanta Shop Hop begins Thursday! I hope many of you will come see me at Tiny Stitches on Friday. The theme is 'Oceans Of  Notions' and it's going to be fun! You will get to see several of my new quilts and the my new notion!

Have a great week and I hope to see many of  you Friday!


  1. Aside from the car accident it sounds like a lovely week. I can't wait to see some of your machine quilting.

    1. Me too!!! Man...sometimes I just hate driving....especially by myself. So glad youenjoyed a week with the kids!!! THE BEST! Hey...good luck with all that binding. LOL!!

  2. So glad you are Ok, but sorry about your car. Terrible! Sounds like it was a great time with the kids, so happy you could make it happen. I'm anxious to hear how you are learning to quilt on the longarm. Good luck with that, I'm sure you will do great. Have fun at the shop hop.

  3. So sorry about the wreck! Glad you weren't hurt.
    Fun times with the kids!! Whoop! Whoop!

  4. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your kiddo's and that you were unhurt in the accident. Continue exploring your long arm. It will be exciting to see some of your finished quilt tops.

  5. thank goodness you are okay. Looks like a good time with kids!

  6. Sure glad you are o.k. Car accidents are terrifying! Happy that you had some kiddo time too!

  7. That binding looks great. I loved that National Parks in fabric exhibit. It was wonderful.

    Not loving that car accident. It's just terrifying ! Thank God, I do not have a lot of experience!

  8. Whats with all the accidents this year already! SO glad you're alright. Glad to hear you're figuring out the new longarm system. The things scare me to death! lol


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