Friday, March 9, 2018

Magnolia Quilt Guild in Mississippi

Last week I had the honor of visiting the Magnolia Quilt Guild in Mississippi. These lovely quilters were celebrating a special birthday in the history of their guild and they invited me to bring my Scrap Quilt Secrets trunk show as well as doing a fun day of workshops!

And when I mention that they were celebrating, I was quite impressed with how well they party. They had magnolia and quilt themed everything. Look at this cake! It was adorable and delicious!

They even treated me to a marvelous gift basket at the hotel. I was so surprised and delighted! I spent quite a bit of time going through the basket enjoying all of the fun Mississippi and magnolia gifts. From bars of soap, to lotion, to lip balm and snacks, they really made me feel special. They even included crochet slippers, hand made coffee mug and other hand made gifts. These ladies don't save all their talent for quilting, that's for sure!

So  how did I repay them, I put them to work! LOL They were eager and ready to start sewing. They made lots of progress on their blocks as well as playing with setting options.

I know it looks like they were working hard, and they were, but they also took time for a little fun and to show off their progress (and smiles!)

I sure did enjoy my time with the Magnolia Quilt Guild! Thanks for a wonderful visit.

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  1. What fun! I'm sure they enjoyed you as much as you did them!

  2. We loved having you with us and several of us finished more blocks. Thanks so much Diane.

  3. Such a wonderful time we had last weekend. You truly made our celebration glorious.Thanks for giving us hope. .

  4. We really enjoyed seeing your quilts and making our blocks. I'll continue to work on mine at my retreat next week! 😁


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